Snow Man ASIA TOUR 2D.2D. 10/22 Report

Congrats for the debut live concert!

Finally, after 9 months from 1/22 CD debut, Snow Man held the first show of their debut live concert “Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D.” The hashtag #SnowManASIATOUR2D2D has been trending at the top ranks since this morning. It shows how much fans were waiting for this moment.

Online ticket for 10/22 show

It was a last-minute decision to purchase the last show, since I realise I could make it in time to sit down and enjoy the show from the comforts of my room (again!)

Overall Feel

I love the fact that they made the whole concert really feels like the audience is there with them. It helps when you have 9 members in the group, all geared up to liven up the atmosphere.

Concert Setlist

  1. Make it hot
  2. Cry out
  3. Party! Party! Party!
  4. 紹介ラップ
  5. D.D.
  6. ひらりと桜
  7. Boogie Woogie Baby
  8. Acrobatic
  9. ナミダの海を越えていけ
  10. Snow World
  11. Stories
  13. 終わらない Memories
  14. Don’t Hold Back
  15. ファンターナモーレ
  17. 君の彼氏になりたい。
  18. Lock on!
  19. Vanishing Over
    〜Dance. Snow Man call〜
  20. Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat
  21. IX Guys Snow Man
  22. 朝焼けの花

The stage set-up is amazing too, with a lot of interesting ways to change the set. The visuals of the boys were top-class as well. Raul’s silver hair and make-up really made him look like a Korean boy band idol.

Personal Highlight

My own personal highlight happened during the start of the MC time when Raul pointed out how some red flower petals were stuck on Meme’s neck resembling a kiss mark. Koji was saying Meme did it on purpose, but Meme was all innocent and didn’t know how it happened. Only the guy himself will know. It’s funny how later Meme was asking Sakuma to help take it off for him.

If you happen to be like me, enjoy watching all the interactions between members, there are some performances where they will have more ad-lib interactions among one another, i.e. Lock on! There was a cute Meme~ call from Koji during Snow World and another cute “Iwasaku” moment during ファンターナモーレ where they were posing with their mic stands.


They also performed the much-anticipated coupling song of the latest single “Kimi no kareshi ni naritai” with Hikaru’s choreography. I think I was over-expecting something really crazy but it turns out to be very decent. LOL!

Kimi no kareshi ni naritai (Recording Studio)

Surprise announcement

There was also a surprise announcement from TBS for the variety show that they are running on Paravi “Sore Snow Man ni yarasete kudasai“. They will broadcast a special show in the new year 2021. It was a surprise for the members as well, and it was announced via the familar short skit on the big screen.

IX Guys Snow Man

There was a small update on the lyrics for the song from VI guys to IX guys. (Like finally!) Each member made their ending speech for their debut live concert before performing the last song. Hikaru was crying halfway through this last song “Asayake no Hana“. I had just finished watching SixTONES TrackOne Impact concert over the last weekend and the 6 boys were also crying during one of the shows while singing “Imitation Rain”. I guess it’s a very emotional moment for Snow Man to debut and finally hold their debut concert.

Good Luck for the remaining 8 shows!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to watch all shows here… ($$$ flying away) but I’ll be on standby for the last show on this Sunday. They are actually doing 3 shows per day during this weekend. I can’t imagine how they can do it, but good luck for the rest of the shows!


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