Snow Man 1st DOME tour 2023 i DO ME

Today marks the last day of Snow Man 1st DOME tour 2023 i DO ME in Tokyo Dome. I had the chance to watch this live yesterday, and it was definitely a blast! All 9 guys were in such good condition. It was like a moment everyone had been waiting for, after having their CD debut announcement on 8 Aug 2019 along with SixTONES.

The pretty signboard that displays the 3-day concert shows at Tokyo Dome

Snow Man 1st DOME tour 2023 i DO ME concert goods

It was also a long time since I bought concert goods physically at the concert venue. I did order some items like the penlight and acrylic stand online, but I realised the tote bag was actually pretty useful. I didn’t actually like the previous bags which resembled the IKEA bag material. I also ordered the plushie toys which are only available from the online store. Obviously, I ordered the one for Meme, but I thought the pink-haired guy was cute too, so I got it too! LOL!

Anyway, I decided to reserve a timeslot on 10 June, just to get the concert goods. My show was on 11 June but I didn’t want to risk having things sold out, or having to deal with limited time to buy goods, go to the toilet, have snacks, and go to the show on the actual day. It was a good decision anyway since I wanted to feel the atmosphere at Tokyo Dome too!

Concert Set List

Nine Snow Flash
Hip bounce!!
Vroom Vroom Vroom
Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat
Secret touch
Snow World
Bass Bon
Super Deeper
Party Party Party
Cry out
Lock on!
ブラザービート (Mix-up version)

“Leather” seats at Tokyo Dome?!

I was quite hopeful of a good seat given that my QR code showed that I could enter from Gate 22. It was actually much much better than I had imagined because it was the first time I know that there were comfortable seats in Tokyo Dome! Most of the stand seats were hard plastic seats, and the arena seats are even worse. So imagine my surprise when I saw the “leather” seats that come with a drink holder per seat and much leg space. I felt like a VIP instantly… LOL!

View from my seat

Highlights of the 11 June show

The 3 years of COVID-19 almost made me forget how we cheer before the opening of a live concert show. It was great that they played the instrumental piece of Snow World, and the fans around us were singing and doing the moves to this song.

The boys appeared from the top of the stage with D.D., slowly descending to the main stage. They continued with KISSIN’ MY LIPS which *ahem* I have no idea why the hip thrusting moves were so intense. (praise my new binoculars for capturing the moves) Then they performed Grandeur while moving towards the center of the venue on the “moving” stage, with a little too much smoke effect.

Since we can all scream and cheer now, they resumed the number which we could all shout their names in Nine Snow Flash, proudly written by our very own Abe-chan. I think we all scream their names really loud. I was delighted that they had the “moving stage” nearer to the back-stand seats, and continued to sing the next 2 songs Brother Beat and Hip bounce!!

The next number POWEEEEER sounded really familiar to me when I was listening to the album. Then I learned that it was the same composer who have written SixTONES’ Special Order. Please do a stage-mix collaboration next time if there is another Johnny’s Festival event! From a very high-tension song to the ballad Ichiban boshi, they then transcend to the next performance Juliette which I really like.

The next number Kura Kura made me laugh at some points because the boys were dancing with the female mannequin props. Date-sama was making some suggestive erotic moves with the prop, and the camera was so timely in capturing this on the big screen. While most fans were wolf-whistling, I was laughing instead. I know my bad. It’s supposed to be sexy but I can’t help it. Then they went to JUICY and I’m really happy they included this song too! It was quite a challenge to do the one-leg movement during the chorus, and I think I spotted someone wobbling. Can’t make out who it was.

Unit songs

Koji and Abe-chan performed their unit song Gotcha! It was such a pretty sight seeing the penlight go orange and green at the positions where the boys were standing. Then it was Hikaru, Fukka, and Date-sama’s unit song Vroom Vroom Vroom. Date-sama had a little Party Time moment when we always enjoy the “silence” he controls with no music and no lights later. LOL! It was ridiculously funny when Date-sama turned into a toy monkey, and Hikaru imitated that exact same monkey face. I was like “Excuse me, but you are an idol?” LOL!


DA BOMB is one of my favourite performances from Takizawa Kabuki ZERO Final 2023. I’m so glad they decided to put this in the Snow Man 1st DOME tour 2023 i DO ME concert setlist! As usual, it was choreographed by the brilliantly talented Yoshie-san. Please give us a multi-angle scene for this!

MC Time

We have 2 other numbers W and Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat before the boys settled down for the MC time. As it was also time for them to change their clothes, so they did that in turns. They had some chance to promote their individual appearances in dramas, movies, variety shows, radio shows, and commercials. I could really feel that the boys are getting more popular. It was nice that Meme mentioned his co-actor Hayato Sano in his upcoming July drama Trillion Game came to watch the show too.

Fukka revealed that he went to MatsuJun’s house the previous night with Hikaru and Abe-chan to get feedback and advice about the show, since MatsuJun went to watch the 10 June show.

The boys also thanked the fans for making their latest i DO ME album achieve the million-hit title. According to Billboard Japan, the album sold a total of 1,021,140 copies in the first week, making this album the first to reach this first-week achievement among their albums.

Giant poster at Shibuya Mark City

Cheering from the Men

There was this funny moment when the boys were asking each part of the audience to cheer and scream. It was Hikaru’s job to get the men in the audience to scream, and yeah they were loud and strong. I was quite delighted to find many male fans in the audience. It is always fun to know that when your idols are well-loved by all genders.

Meme’s songs

After MC time, Meme stood in the centre and started singing his part for Tapestry, followed by Secret Touch. Coincidentally, Michieda Shunsuke was also at the 11 June show. Flashbacks of the drama appeared in my head with Ida-kun and Aoki-kun during this song. We then had Orange Kiss and the ballad from the new album, Boku to iu na no drama.

Sign balls

The next couple of songs including Namida no umi wo koete iku, Hachigatsu no Ao, Snow World, and Fantanamore, is when they moved closer to the stand seats again. They were also throwing their sign balls. Bless those lucky fans who managed to catch those sign balls! It was a very busy time whenever we have the boys going all over the place. I only have 1 pair of eyes, so it was difficult to see who to focus on.

I want to be your boyfriend

They did a funny part with everyone getting a chance to say some ad-lib lines for this song Kimi no kareshi ni naritai. From here, we went to the remaining unit songs. Meme and Shoppi performed Two. I was very impressed by Shoppi on this day because his vocals were so strong and stable even after all these performances. Meme was instead sounding a little unstable but still, he tried his best. It was a beautiful song, and they had this moment when the cameras were close up on them and they were “facing” each other.

Bass Bon

The venue turned pink and white in the next performance Bass Bon. It was truly a piece of artwork. The prop was only a chair, and we had Sakkun and Raul reenacting the full dance live on stage. It was seriously breathtaking. When it ended, I think everyone was speechless and gasping for air because we forgot to breathe during the performance. LOL!

Cry out

The next few performances slow…, Super Deeper, Party Party Party built up to the climax of the concert. I must say we were already screaming at the top of our lungs when the boys like Shoppi and Date-same started removing their jackets. And then we have boys passing out small bouquets of flowers, and Shoppi going around hugging his young fans too. OMG! Lucky girl!

Cry out is really just unbelievably hot, literally with all the fireworks and flames going up multiple times during the performance, and also because the boys were so heated up. The highlight is Shoppi when the big screen caught him headbanging with Sakkun, etc. We also have Raul dashing all the way to the centre stage, and the big screen caught his smirked face when the fireworks were going up in sync with the melody. This performance alone is worth the entire concert price.

The boys said their last greetings before singing the last song Ai Kotoba. We managed to sing along too, complete with all the hand moves that were cleverly thought by Hikaru. But actually, my hands were full with the penlight, uchiwa, and binoculars, so well I tried my best to join the moves.


Before the encore, they played a short clip of the CD debut announcement, and I think everyone gasped when Raul’s shot came up because he looked so young and different! Raul has definitely transformed into a fine young man, turning 20 this month!!! OMG!!! The baby of the group has grown! I’m sure the other 8 boys are dying to have a good drink together.

The short clip seamlessly transferred to the next song Lock on! and Hello Hello. As if there were enough “gifts” from the boys, they had balloons dropping down to the arena area, and also the streamers everywhere. Those lucky fans at the arena seat and the front stand area. I didn’t get any this time with my “VIP” seat. LOL!

The last song was Brother Beat again, but they mix up all the parts so that everyone had to sing a different part from their original part. It was funny that Meme didn’t manage to succeed in his part, Date-sama did such a good job on Hikaru’s part. The rest like Sakkun totally forgot that it was his turn to sing. It was such chaos with the boys going everywhere, balloons and streamers everywhere.

Final thoughts

All in all, it was such a good show. The boys performed a total of 35 songs. I seriously don’t know how much Red Bull they drank to get to this level of energy. Thankfully it was one show per day. Fingers crossed that we will get the Blu-ray and DVD release! At least there was the announcement that they had filming cameras! I was quite amazed at the number of cameras set up around the venue.

Until then, I’ll patiently wait for the release while watching the Blu-ray of Snow Man Live Tour 2022 Labo., scheduled to be released on 5 July 2023. I was almost wondering if they forgot about this concert tour. So glad that now we will get an official release of the shows!


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