Snow Man Live Tour 2022 Labo. 10/8

Yesterday marked the first time I attended Snow Man’s concert in person. I won a show at Snow Man Live Tour 2022 Labo with some sheer luck. Blessed with breezy cool weather, I headed to Yokohama Arena for the 8 October 17:30 show.

I was surprised to see a massive crowd at JR Shin Yokohama station that they had to restrict entrance at the gates. They were the audience who have just finished the afternoon show.

Entrance at Yokohama Arena

On the way to Yokohama Arena, we spotted many fans who were carrying multiple uchiwas, and message boards. It was a very different scene from what I usually see at KinKi Kids concerts.

Arena D seats

As digital tickets are issued this time, we only get to know our seats when we enter the venue. It was kind of funny seeing many fans recording that moment of getting their tickets issued, and then revealing their seat numbers. Imagine my surprise when we got to our seats! It’s actually a pretty good view! I’m glad Yokohama Arena is quite compact too.

View of the stage from my seat

Snow Man Live Tour 2022 Labo Concert Setlist

Wonderful! × Surprise!
Snow World
Medley Mix
Toxic Girl
HYPNOSIS (Hikaru, Meme, Koji)
Brand New Smile
Happy Birthday
This is LOVE
Secret Touch
Color me live… (Sakkun, Date-sama, Abe-chan)
ガラライキュ! (Fukka, Shoppi, Raul)
My Sweet Girl
Tic Tac Toe
Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat
Movin’ up

Concert starts…

There were 9 giant screens on the stage which had their faces closed up when they first appear. It was just surreal seeing them in person, plus they were wearing that set of beautiful blue costumes they wore from the last Johnny’s Countdown Concert.

They did the first 2 performances “Brother Beat” and “REFRESH” on the main stage, before moving to the centre stage for “Grandeur”. I got really high seeing this third performance, it’s a really powerful performance.

Up close with the boys

After that, they circled the venue while singing “Wonderful! x Surprise!” and “Snow World”. It’s our first chance to get the boys’ attention with our penlights and uchiwas. I had a chance to see all of them upclose when they came over to our side. Unfortunately, Meme was facing the other side all the time when he came over. I wanted to have a chance to stare at his gorgeous face. But seriously all of them have really good body proportion. Raul’s style is simply out of this world with his super long legs. They then returned to the main stage to perform “JUICY”.

As they need to change their costumes before the next song, Fukka was the only one left on the stage to talk to the audience. The cameras were playing with different angles of Fukka on the 9 giant screens on the stage. It was so funny seeing Fukka and the cameraman having such good rapport to entertain us.

The scene changed and Hikaru came out with a musical-style solo dance. All the boys then came out in batches to the next performance “Midnight Trendy”. This song resembles the 80’s and they were singing with swinging microphone stands.

Medley Mix

The next performance was an interesting mix of the 3 songs “Kimi no kareshi ni naritai”, “Boku no kareshi ni natte yo” and “Boku ni taisetsu ni sarete ne”. Each boy has their own line, and it was funny watching the boys changing their original lines. Especially with Meme saying “Daisuke?” which is Sakuma’s first name, and then Sakkun going “Shota?”, and finally Shoppi going “Me?”, it was hilarious. I love it when the camera zoom in to Shoppi, because he looks really funny and shy at times.

Toxic Girl

This is one of my favourite songs from the Snow Labo S2 album. I wish I have more pairs of eyes to observe each of them doing their sexy dance. The concept resembles Super Sexy in the last concert tour where each of them have their own “compartment” and colourful lights as part of the performance. FYI, the concept was led by Abe-chan and Fukka this time.

HYPNOSIS was done on the centre stage, and I could hardly remember the cheoreography because I was too busy using my binoculars to focus on Meme. Oops! After this, for the next few performances, they went to the third floor for some upclose and personal moments with fans. It was fun seeing them also exchanging greetings with some of the guests, whom Snow Man introduced later as Jesse and 2 boys from IMPACTors, Takuya Kageyama and Shunsuke Motoi. I love it when Jesse did the REFRESH “press dance” moves when he’s introduced.

Some MC Highlights

Sakkun mentioned that during the medley mix, when Fukka was doing his line, with his head turned, his sweat was “splashed” on Hikaru. They were joking and naming it as “Fukka juice” and ended up asking the fans who want his “juice”, and who don’t want it. OMG.

They had to take turns to change to the next set of costumes, so the group who had to stay behind were Fukka, Hikaru, Shoppi, Sakkun and Raul. The same team who did the shiritori dance on their YouTube channel back in 2020. They asked the audience to clap while they did one round of the game.

They also did some promotion of the commercials they were being featured in, and the first group who had changed came back on stage.

Meme’s drama – silent

Meme promoted his latest drama – silent which started airing on Fuji TV from 6 October. It seems like most of the Snow Man members watched it, with Date-sama sharing his episode on how he was preparing his bath, but was also keen to watch the drama, so he had to prepare during the commerical time. Apparently, Date-sama was the first person to send message to Meme after the first episode, while Sakkun called Meme directly to share his comments, crying at the same time, and also made Meme cried too. Awww…. Meme also mentioned that Jesse also sent him a message after the show. Meme asked everyone to watch the next episode on 13 October too! I really enjoyed the show and his acting for this one, and definitely a drama to catch this season!

Huge promo poster at Shibuya Mark City

Costume designer – Raul

It’s a nice surprise to know that Raul is in charge of designing the costumes for this concert tour. Fukka said that he let Raul produce him, so he’s confident that he’s very kakkoii this time. I thought so too! Meme specially reminded us to pay attention to Shoppi’s costume at the end too, and Shoppi made a comment that it’s the “エッチエッチ” one, which basically refers to lecherous. Oh well, I saw that on the newspapers, and was wondering what happened to Shoppi. I think Hikaru and Sakkun totally fit this image but Shoppi… LOL! Those interested can find some photos in this article as well.

Date-sama Time

Everyone returned to the stage with their lovely white costumes, and Date-sama had a fedora hat which fits his royal image really well. If anyone recalls it in the last concert, where there was a similar Date-sama time during the unit performance P.M.G., it’s something similar to that but even longer this time! Lots of playing with camera angles and sound effects! Hikaru was the time-keeper, and in the end, it took around 4 minutes 15 seconds before going to the next song “Happy Birthday”.


The next 2 performances were also done on the main stage, and it was really nice to hear them sing “Boku to Kimi to” live.

They then proceed to the centre stage where they performed “Secret Touch”. I thought I could finally see that Meme x Fukka moment live but alas, the spotlight was shining too brightly into my eyes. I did spot Fukka collapsing on his knees. Argh! Let’s hope they capture a nice angle of this in the Blu-ray/DVD!


The next performance “キッタキッテナイ” is also fun to watch live with interesting choreography. I hope they give us a multi-angle view for this. Love the moment when they go “Oh My God!”

Unit songs

“Color me live…” is definitely one of the best performances too. The music video was great, and I love how Sakkun, Date-sama and Abe-chan tried to renact some of the scenes on the stage too. “ガラライキュ!” is the super cute idol song as we saw the music video. Fukka, Shoppi and Raul were on the trolley called “Nyan Nyan Girl I like you” while they move towards the further end of the venue. It’s cute seeing how they have to say some lines like “I like you”, and obviously Shoppi was super embarrassed. Fans got to enjoy his embarrassed look on the big screen. “My Sweet Girl” was another round of fan service before the boys took turn to change into their next costumes.

Best part of the show

Up to this point, the concert has tried to keep up with the Labo theme, which sees the boys trying to trial and error with many different styles. But I think this next section of the show is the best part, and the most “aggressive” style they tried with their costumes. Dressed in black and gold, with some translucent materials, sunglasses, they feel so “bad boys”, except for Hikaru, who looks more like “bad girl”… I know he has real nice abs, but give him more cloth to cover his abs?

It doesn’t help when during this performance of “Tic Tac Toe”, I have Sakkun dancing right in front of my position, along with Raul, Date-sama and one more member – Abe-chan? My eyes were staring at Sakkun the whole time. I want to say Oh my God to him…

Movin’ up

After performing Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat, the next performance is the most fiery one with fireworks and fire all around. “Movin’ up” gives some similar energetic vibes as Cry out and is definitely one of those performances that I would love to see more!

Love Arch

The last bit of the concert have the boys appearing on this high tower “Ai Arch” (loosely translated as “love arch” or another meaning to represent the arch to “meet” you) that moves across the venue all the way to the back. I could vaguely remember this part because most of the time they were up above but also looking down to the fans below them. During “Orange kiss”, when Meme was singing his part “頑張ってるよね、僕は知っているよ”, Sakkun gave him a big hug.


It was a really great concert, and I truly think they made a lot of efforts to entertain the audience. We get to watch them perform, and also have these sections for interactions. It made me think that I should put some efforts to hand make some uchiwas next time too. LOL!

Pieces of my Snow Man Live Tour 2022 Labo memories

Until then, I wish the boys and the staff all the best to finish the rest of the shows for Snow Man Live Tour 2022 Labo. I am already looking forward to the release of the concert Blu-ray/DVD! In the meantime, I’m super happy that they now have their own Instagram account too!


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