About Me

Welcome to my new blog! In this space, you will find updates on my favourite topics to do with food, travel, and Johnny’s idol groups.

A little on my background

Born and raised in Singapore all the way to my first job, I am a typical Xennial (the micro-generation born between Gen X and Millenial). I moved to Tokyo in my late twenties and have been there ever since 2010, living and working as a foreigner in Japan.

First-Hand Experience

My motivation to move to Tokyo was simple – to have the first-hand experience of living in one of the most enchanting cities, one which I have watched too many times on those Japanese dramas/movies in the 90’s, one which I first visited as a tourist in 2002 and thereafter visited religiously every year for my year-end holidays.

Tourist versus Resident

It’s definitely different being a tourist versus a resident in Tokyo, especially when I’m a Chinese Singaporean. As of June 2018, 8,622 Singaporeans are residing in Japan. In contrast, Japan recorded over 100,000 visits from Singapore in November 2019.

Locals or foreigners in Japan rarely guess my nationality correctly. I still remember during one of my first Japanese job interviews in an apparel company, the interviewer was so confused that he asked me if my parents were Japanese or if Singapore is a part of China.

“I love to surprise people with my mix of English, Mandarin, and Japanese with an occasional Singlish touch.”

Japan Travel

When I’m not cursing at the bureaucratic system of living and working in Japanese society, I’ll be travelling to the beautiful countryside outside of Tokyo. Most of my favourite cities which lie along the coast of Japan Sea, offer great food, sake, and sceneries.

My favourite castle – Matsumoto Castle

Japanese FOOD

Eating is another one of my favourite pastimes. I enjoy the local specialties, some only available at the local restaurants in selected regions. I’m glad I’m almost open to all kinds of Japanese foods.

My favourite seafood bowl from Numazu (Shizuoka)

There are probably tons of travel logs out there in the digital space, but I’ll be offering my own maniac journey of travel logs, especially for those who prefer to visit less touristy spots.

Japanese Boy Idols

It’s also an open secret to some of my close friends that I’m a fanatic follower of Japanese boy idol groups. From my big crush on Domoto Koichi (KinKi Kids) to the latest debut groups – SixTones and Snow Man, I get my daily vitamins from these entertaining idols.

A fangirl of Johnny’s Idols

Ask me anything or leave a comment!

I’ll be happy to share insights from my 10+ years of living as a foreigner in Tokyo, so please feel free to drop me a comment or question.

Best regards, Posh

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