Snow Man Tapestry / W Single Promotion

Congrats to Snow Man Tapestry / W single for clinching the No. 1 spot on Billboard Japan for “Top Single Sales”. According to Billboard Japan, they sold 921,011 copies of their latest single “Tapestry / W” released on 15 March 2023 in the first week.

I just realised I haven’t been updating my blog for the past 2-3 months, and my last Snow Man related post was back in October last year. It’s simply because I didn’t write anything for SANEMORI which I attended earlier in January. Oops!

It’s such a pretty song, which is also the theme song for Ren Meguro’s movie “Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon” (“My Happy Marriage”). I caught the movie on the first day it was officially in the theatres, and it is definitely a big visual treat for all Meguro fans.

The movie ticket and little bookmark gift

There was such a vast promotion fever in the past 2 weeks due to the movie and single release, that Ren Meguro was appearing as the cover boy for at least 30 magazines, and also on multiple TV shows over consecutive days. It was kind of crazy, and I wonder if he’s getting enough rest.

Snow Man Tapestry / W Single Promotion in Shibuya

Like a ritual, I went down to Shibuya to catch all the single promotions that are happening in Shibuya. With each single/album release, I could see the rising popularity of Snow Man. This is especially obvious when you see the crowds lining up to take photos with the posters or panels.

Near exit B7 of Shibuya subway station


It’s like an automatic reaction that you will know where to move to catch all the good angles of the decorations they put up in Shibuya TSUTAYA. Personally, I thought Fukka looks good for this single artwork.

On the first floor of Shibuya TSUTAYA
The Snow Man Tapestry / W Single Promotion Booth

Shibuya HMV

HMV always has some form of a life-size panel for Snow Man promotion. I actually enjoyed the cozy feeling of their display. The sheer number of magazines with the boys on the cover is crazy.

The promotion booth at Shibuya HMV
Life-size panel with fans lining up at the side

Shibuya Tower Records

Finally, the last spot is always Tower Records, because they were only open at 11:00. There was already a long line of people outside the building waiting to enter. At the same time, in order to take photos with the life-size panels they have on the 4th floor, you have to get a queue number in advance.

The promotion booth on the 1st floor
The promotion booth on the 4th floor
The sneaky shot of the life-size panels


Before we even have enough time to digest Snow Man Tapestry / W single content, the boys made a big announcement via YouTube Live last night, about their new album release “I DO ME” on 17th May 2023. *throws confetti* It happens to be Hikaru’s birthday too!

Concert Tour Logo

Snow Man 1st DOME tour 2023 i DO ME

At the same time, they have also announced their first DOME tour! There will be 10 shows happening in 4 cities, mainly Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nagoya. Everyone was starting to calculate the capacity of each venue, and estimated it will hold up to a maximum of 500,000+ on average. Fingers crossed that I can get my tickets for the DOME tour. Unfortunately, I didn’t win any tickets for Takizawa Kabuki ZERO Final, but hopefully can still get to watch one of the live broadcasts!

The poster at the TOHO theatre

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