SixTONES Kansei no Housoku 1/4 concert

Happy New Year! I attended the first show of SixTONES Kansei no Housoku concert on 4th January 2023 at Yokohama Arena. It was such a blast that marked a good start to 2023 for me.

Entrance of Yokohama Arena

First up, they made a surprise announcement during MC that they are adding 5 shows in April at Osaka Dome and Tokyo Dome. It will be SixTONES’ first time holding their own concerts in Dome venues, and I’m so happy for them!

SixTONES Koe Album Release

The concert of SixTONES Kansei no Housoku was largely based on their latest album “Koe” (literally means Voice). I must admit that I haven’t been able to finish listening to the whole album before attending the concert.

Huge billboard in front of JR Shibuya station

It is almost like a ritual to go to Shibuya to check out all the music shops, from TSUTAYA to HMV to Tower Records. I missed out on the huge billboard they have at the B7 exit of Shibuya metro subway station.

The ground floor display at Shibuya TSUTAYA
The display booth at HMV Shibuya
The album booth at Tower Record 1st floor

Concert Goods Reservation

Since I didn’t manage to buy the concert goods online this time, I gave it a try to buy at the concert venue itself. They finally allow selling concert goods at the venues recently, and it helps to save 600 JPY for the delivery fees when you order from the online store.

Reservation site for concert goods

It’s necessary to create an account and reserve a date/timeslot in advance for the concert goods purchase at the venue. I am now too used to buying them online that I thought it was kind of a bother to go through this reservation site. Nevertheless, I thought I need to try out this method to understand how it works.

Reservation process

After selecting the available date and timeslot, it’s almost instant that you can get a digital reservation ticket with your name. The actual ticket itself comes with a QR code which will be scanned before entering the purchase area for concert goods.

Reservation ticket

Once you are near the area for the concert goods, there’s another mobile app to download so that you can use the app to place your orders at the purchase area. There are several payment methods to select, and I decided to register my credit card for “Smooth pay” method. It took me less than 10 minutes to make my purchase and exit the area. It’s good to have this experience to prepare myself for more similar purchases in the future.

SixTONES Kansei no Housoku Goods App

Concert Highlights

Back to the concert itself, it’s my 2nd time watching them live. The last time I saw them at the oneST concert, it was back in June 2021 where the seats were distanced, we were not allowed to cheer and asked to wear face shields. Fast forward to 2023, I’m glad we have come this far.

Getting digital ticket issued

I wasn’t particularly excited when I saw that my tickets were the “stand” seats, located on the 3rd floor. But when I arrived at my seat, I realise that it’s the 1st row and there’s a chance that they may decide to come up here for some performances, especially learning about how Snow Man had done this in their last concert tour too.

It was definitely the highlight for me when I get all the boys moving on the trolley, less than 1 metre away so I could actually see all of them up close. They are definitely very handsome boys with such good figures. LOL! I feel like Juri really gives a lot of fan services, and really look at the fans and their messages on the uchiwas (paper fans). It’s so amazing that I forgot which performances they were doing.

View from my seat

Concert Set List

Overture -VOICE-
Waves Crash
Dance All Night
オンガク -声 ver.-
“Laugh” in the LIFE
Chillin’ with you
Cat Call
Imitation Rain
Special Order
フィギュア(Rap only)
Good Luck!

Clubbing songs

The last part of the concert that started from S.I.X, and heat up to RAM-PAM-PAM and ended with Outrageous was definitely the climax. The venue turned into a major clubbing scene with colourful penlights and jumping. I wish there is some advance advice that we don’t have to wear too many layers of clothes because the venue is really warm.

Unit songs

Like all previous albums, the latest Koe album has unit songs too. I am still amused by the song OPA! by Shintaro x Juri when they go opa opa. I thought I was listening to some Korean songs. With all due respect, they were so cool performing this song. Then we have the lovely Kyomo x Kochi performing a musical-like number Lalala Love Story. It’s the last unit song Ai to iu na no beeru by Jesse x Hokuto that made me go “OMG. This is such a KinKi Kids ballad!” I’m sure it will not feel out of place even if KinKi Kids were going to sing this number. It’s like a mixture of Ai no Katamari and Swan Song.

Cheering and Singing

It’s the first real concert that I was actually able to cheer, scream and sing. I almost forgot that this is how concerts were like before COVID-19. I was especially touched when we could sing along for one part during Kono Hoshi no HIKARI.

Thank you for the wonderful time at this concert, and I wish for the rest of the shows to be a success! Fingers crossed I can get another chance to see the boys again at Tokyo Dome too! Signing off with one of my favourite songs Chillin’ with you from the Koe album this time.


  1. Fellow Singaporean who like SixTones too since hearing Imitation Rain when traveling in Japan 🙂 Hope to have the chance to attend their concert too in the near future …

    • Oh hello! Thank you for your kind comment! Nice to see a fellow Singaporean indeed! They will be having concerts next year around spring, so looking forward to that!

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