SixTONES oneST Concert report 2021/6/5

I attended the SixTONES oneST concert finally after it was rescheduled from January to June. It was more than 1.5 years since my last concerts for KinKi Kids and Johnny’s Countdown Concert attended in person. 2020 was a year of online concerts. For this particular concert tour, the entire production was similar to the one they presented in January. You can find the report of the online concert here. I can’t remember the last time I came to watch a concert in Yokohama Arena, but it’s probably Domoto Koichi “Spiral” solo concert back in 2015.

The controlled(?) crowd at Yokohama Arena

Precautions against COVID-19

There are still a lot of restrictions for attending concerts in person but I was happy to be able to share the same space with the boys and other fans. Firstly, there are a designated time assigned for everyone to enter the concert venue. For my digital ticket, I was instructed to enter between 16:30 and 17:00 but I kind of arrived 10-15 minutes later and could enter without any issues. The show starts at 18:00. There is temperature checking and hand sanitizers at the entrance before getting your QR codes scanned for the tickets. This is the moment where you will actually know your seats.

oneST concert entrance for getting tickets

Inside SixTONES oneST concert hall

I was almost expecting a full house, but interestingly they made sure to leave some social distance between each group.

Social distance

We were lucky to get some aisle seats, and with 2 seats away from the next group of fans. I see groups of 2, 3 and 4 seated together, but didn’t really spot anyone in a seat alone. Inside the concert hall, everyone is expected to wear masks, and the “Smile Up” face shields. Unfortunately for me, it was “Smile Down” because it’s just too much “obstruction” for my view, especially when I need to use my binoculars too.

View from my seat

SixTONES oneST Concert Set List

Mad Love
Dance All Night
Special Order
Call me
You & I
My Hometown (Yugo Kochi & Shintaro Morimoto)
ってあなた (Taiga Kyomoto & Hokuto Matsumura)
So Addicted
“Laugh” in the LIFE
EXTRA VIP (JESSE & Juri Tanaka)
Coffee & Cream
Strawberry Breakfast
Imitation Rain


The setlist is very much similar to the one that they performed in January, however they replaced some songs like Hysteria, Amazing!!!!!! and Japonica Style. Instead, they performed all coupling songs from their latest single 僕が僕じゃないみたい (Boku ga boku janai mitai). I think I was most pleased that they performed the full song for うやむや (UyaMuya).

Some Highlights

The performances were fantastic and I’m a person who is 100% fine with spoilers so in any case, I’m super happy to see some of these album song performances in person. It helps when they have a good stage design where they have the main stage, centre stage and back stage along. The view from my seat could get a Jesse-focused angle for that performance of Special Order (if you know what I mean…)

I love how they were shoulder-to-shoulder during “LAUGH” in the life, starting from Jesse and Taiga, then extended to the rest. It was this super cute moment.

Individual Tumblers

During MC, they were drinking from their own DIY tumblers that they have made for the FC digital newsletter. There was a funny moment when Jesse finished his drink from his tumbler and started drinking water from the mineral water bottle. He was giggling and drinking water at the same time, and it made Juri unable to drink his water. Juri also dropped his tumbler cap in the gap between the stage and the “slide”. The rest then came crowding to his side and trying to spot the cap, and they were reminded of how some kids will try to peek under the vending machine to see there are some coins dropped…

So Addicted…

Juri mentioned that Taiga was staring at him when he started singing for his part in So Addicted. Taiga said that he started this “practice” since the first shows, and Juri said he only noticed it today and got embarrassed but couldn’t stop looking with this erotic feeling plus the lights were pink. Taiga said finally Juri got his thoughts and even said he felt like a stalker. Then Kochi and Shintaro also mentioned that they were looking at Juri.

Kyomo x Hoku moment

My best highlight came when Hokuto mentioned that Taiga is “pure” since they first met. Shintaro started singing ELT “fragile” which goes 出会えたことから 全ては始まった♪ It then led to some strange storyline that both Taiga and Hokuto were “abandoned” like kittens in cardboard boxes, and Jesse picked them up and started to position Taiga and Hokuto standing back to back, and these two boys started singing KinKi Kids Flower, while Shintaro was doing the back dance as Johnny’s Jr. perfectly to the chorus. At the same time, Jesse was acting as SANCHE (the choreographer). It was so hilarious but we can’t really laugh or scream (due to no cheering restriction). I was so laughing and dying inside when Juri said please don’t tell KinKi fans about this. Too late! It has reached the ears of a KinKi fan here! (raised hand)

Taiga messing up UyaMuya

I was really surprised when they started their encore with うやむや (UyaMuya) and they sang the full song! There was a cute moment whn Taiga messed up his part and replaced with 間違え~間違え~間違えた♪~ (meaning “I got it wrong~”) I’m impressed that the rest could actually keep up with the tempo of this song because it’s really like some tongue-twister at some points.


The encore ended with a Zudon! where everyone did with no sound, and Jesse said ”Let’s meet at the 9th floor of Prince Hotel later!” OMG! It made the fans wonder if the boys are staying at Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel. Overall, it was a really fun 2-hour concert and I’m very satisfied with the first in-person concert in such a long time! I really hope they will release a concert DVD/Blu-ray for this SixTONES oneST concert tour. Thank you to the boys and the staff for such a great time!


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