SixTONES oneST 1/5 concert report

I just finished the first online show of SixTONES on eST concert which started from 18:00 JST. It was almost a 2-hour show including MC. I was supposed to attend this show live in Yokohama Arena as I wrote in my previous post but due to the situation of COVID-19, the Yokohama shows are switched to online concerts.

Online ticket

Concert Set List

Mad Love
Dance All Night
Special Order
You & I
My Hometown (Yugo Kochi & Shintaro Morimoto)
ってあなた (Taiga Kyomoto & Hokuto Matsumura)
So Addicted
“Laugh” in the LIFE
EXTRA VIP (JESSE & Juri Tanaka)
Coffee & Cream
Imitation Rain
[Fanclub limited / Encore]

Mad Love

They started the concert with “Mad Love” which is included in the normal edition of their 1ST album. It was a very sexy performance where you can only see their silhouettes. I kind of like this song when they first offered a sneak preview of their album songs some time ago with YouTube jukebox.


Fans are in for a treat if you are looking forward to fan service from Hokuto, because usually he will do some sexy moves here. But I was caught off-handed when Taiga decided to pull off some sexy moves during his solo part before the chorus as well.

Superb Visuals

I think all the boys are looking super good, but I was particularly drawn to Juri tonight, with his new hairstyle and colour. He’s looking very cute with his look tonight. I also love Jesse’s new hair style/colour too. I think their stage costumes during “So Addicted” looks the best.


I have to be honest here but the MC is a little long. They announced that Hokuto has been selected as the leader of the group this year after they played “scissors, paper, stone”. It’s funny that Hokuto said he is not prepared for this position yet. They did some promotion of their 1ST album, upcoming movies, TV shows, etc.


They also performed their upcoming 4th single “僕が僕じゃないみたい” (Boku ga boku janai mitai” which is the theme song of Hokuto’s new movie “Liar x Liar“. It was a ballad here, and they kind of “apologised” for releasing a new single at such a high speed. LOL! By the way they introduced, maybe I will look forward more to the coupling songs.

Drinks Medley

They did “Coffee & Cream” as well as “Lemonade” which I really enjoyed, even though the lyrics sound silly (especially for Coffee & Cream). Moving then to “Hysteria” which is one of my favourite SixTONES songs.

English songs

I think they are obviously very conscious of the global market, thus explaining the huge volume of English lyrics. I can see everyone is trying to brush up on their English pronunciation.

Lead songs

All the lead songs like “NEW ERA”, “Imitation Rain” and “ST” are moved to the end of the concert, and you can see that they were really powered up. I get a little worried at times when they go out-of-tune but I guess that’s one of the fun parts of watching live concerts. I do wonder how Juri can keep up with tons of those rap lyrics though. He sounds really good and stable.

Fanclub limited song

After “Lifetime“, the screen kind of black out for a while before showing the boys back on stage again. Here, we have the fanclub limited performance “Kono Hoshi no HIKARI” which resembles the encore. I was smiling at how cute Hokuto and Juri were with their “peace” signs. They tried to replicate the way they will ask fans to sing their parts. I wish technology can be more advanced such that they can actually hear us singing along with them.


It’s a well-thought concert performance, coupled with old songs that fans will know and the new album songs. I wish we could have attended this live in person, but I guess this is the best arrangement for now as an online concert before the COVID-19 situation can weaken or cease. I’m sure the boys feel even more so.

All the best for the remaining 4 shows for the next 2 days!!! Stay healthy and good luck!!! I’m still looking forward to seeing them in person soon!!!


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