SixTONES 1ST Album & on eST Concert

SixTONES will be releasing their 4th single “僕が僕じゃないみたい” (Boku ga boku janai mitai) on 17th February 2021!

I have only just digested the news of their 1st album on 6th January 2021 and concert tour starting on 4th January 2021. And here they are with more news of new single release! (Bank funds are decreasing… omg!)

“1ST” digeST movie

They did some jukebox marketing on YouTube some time ago, playing all the songs from the album. I only managed to catch some and can’t wait to hear the full album. I think the unit songs seem really promising too. Personally. I love the KyomoHoku harmony in their unit song “ってあなた” (tte anata). Looking at the digest movie, it seems like some really dramatic music video too!

on eST

Pronounced as “on-s-toh”, as usual it’s difficult to guess the correct pronunciation. Initially I thought it’s read as “honest”.

Concert title logo

I can’t believe I won the ballot to the early Yokohama shows! Finally after close to a year, I might be able to watch them live in action! It probably also means there will be social distancing between seats and wearing of masks and face shields.

“Smile up” face shields will be distributed.

Digital tickets

It will be my 2nd time going with digital tickets. My first experience was with KinKi Kids concert last year. This means I won’t get to know my seats until entering the venue. This time they were even stricter that I have to register my companion’s name, email address, and mobile number too. I guess this is to prevent ticket resale, as well as COVID-19 tracking.

In the midst of increasing COVID-19 cases in Japan, honestly we can only keep our fingers crossed that everyone will be extra careful, stay negative and the concert tour will proceed as scheduled.

Online Concert [Edited]

As we are all informed, the concerts in January will be delayed and they will switch to online concerts instead. I’m still happy that we can get to watch them live via online concerts, though I do feel a little disappointed since it will be my first time to see them in person for their own concert. Let’s pray hard that all will go well and be a success nevertheless!


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