SixTONES in Shibuya 6 Jan 2021

I made a trip down to Shibuya today just to witness how SixTONES has hijacked the streets in Shibuya. It was just 2 weeks ago when I started to digest the album contents.

Congrats on the release of 1ST album!

They are really all over the place in the central Shibuya station area. Take a look at the huge billboards and posters!

Right outside of JR Shibuya station

Shibuya 109

From 1st January, the 109 building is also showcasing SixTONES, as well as an exhibition that is going on in B1F. I didn’t win the ballot to enter the exhibition, so I just dropped by to take some photos outside.

On Shibuya 109 building
An exhibition of the 1ST album
Another giant poster outside the building

Shibuya Tsutaya

Shibuya Tsutaya is surrounded by SixTONES 1ST album promotion posters.

Full wall of the boys
The boys are everywhere!!!
Occupying the cashier corner

Tower Records Shibuya

We have Tower Records with a dedicated wall of giant poster. You will be greeted by their CD booth at the main entrance as well as the 4th floor of this building.

Giant poster occupying a full wall
Main entrance booth
Entrance at the 4th floor

A very fruitful trip!

I had fun taking a lot of photos the whole morning, and there were obviously other fans around taking photos with their favourite group and group members.


SixTONES are also featured in a new CM for “Able” which is a housing company. BGM is their lead song “ST” from 1ST album.

“Able” 15-second CM

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