SixTONES “on eST” LIVE DVD & Blu-ray Review

I finally got to sit down and watch SixTONES “on eST” concert Blu-ray. Here’s my SixTONES “on eST” LIVE DVD & Blu-ray review. As of 28 October 2021, they sold a total of 256,000 copies in the first week, putting them in the No. 1 spot in the Oricon chart.

SixTONES “on eST” Live DVD / Blu-ray digeST

This concert tour has been scheduled to start from January 2021, but cancelled and replaced with the online broadcast due to COVID-19. I think I was lucky to finally see them live in June, and then relive these times through this video. It was officially my first time seeing them in person (minus the Johnny’s Countdown Concert 2019-2020) and I really think they are such good performers on stage, with their singing, dance, and aura.

Visual commentary

Both limited and normal editions feature the same live concert setlist, so it leaves me to look at Disc 2. My personal favourite is surprisingly the visual commentary where you can hear them revealing some behind-the-scenes episodes, and also what they were feeling at that time, at a particular song or performance. I love how they were commenting on one another’s looks or actions. Kyomoto is very quiet most of the time, enjoying the video like what a fan will do, moving and dancing together. I thought that was cute too. Hokuto is particularly commenting on Jesse a lot of times.

Visual Commentary digeST

Document “on EST”

I’m usually most interested in the documentary of a concert DVD or Blu-ray because I love all the groundwork and rehearsals the boys and the staff are involved in to create a show to put on stage. The process of creating a show and you see the end product in the live concert complete with the audience. It’s also great to see them capture Mascara here, which they first revealed in the Niigata shows.

Document on eST

Music Video Making

They also added the full version of the music video making of Strawberry Breakfast and Lifetime. These boys in black suits look suave and cool in Strawberry Breakfast MV, and then a totally different image in Lifetime, with their full white suits and heavenly feel.

Strawberry Breakfast & Lifetime Music Video Making


Limited and Normal Edition Covers

Overall, there is no doubt that this is definitely a LIVE video that is worth purchasing and owning! It was such a perfect capture of the concert memories back in June 2021. I love the camera angles and atmosphere they captured on video. You can get yours from one of these stores too. Back to more looping of some performances!

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