Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D. Week

Released on 3rd March 2021, I finally finished watching most of the contents in both limited and normal editions of the debut concert Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D. video. They certainly gave all possible contents for the fans to enjoy fully this much-awaited concert from the boys.

Oricon Chart No. 1

Congrats for Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D. getting the first spot for the Blu-ray/DVD weekly ranking! This concert achieved a total of 406,000 sales for the first week! I made a trip down to Shibuya last weekend to enjoy the decoration again!

At the entrance of Shibuya Tower Records

It was so tricky to find the display this time because they shift it to the 2nd floor. FYI, they had Sexy Zone on the 1st floor instead. They usually have the booths on 1st floor along with a giant display, and then another booth on the 4th floor around the Johnny’s corner.

2nd floor at the display corner
I want this Meguro poster…
This collage board looks really pretty too!

Bonus! This was back in January when they did the giant display on the 1st floor! Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the other one, which I suspect was on the 2nd floor…

Life-size poster of Grandeur

I was a little disappointed when Shibuya Tsutaya was not “hijacked” for the entire 1st floor but nevertheless, it was a giant booth.

Look at release date – 3/3/3 (2021 = Reiwa Year 3)
I love this collage too.

15 hours of non-stop entertainment

Back to the Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D. Blu-ray/DVD contents, it’s no joke when you look at the contents they put in these discs. The limited edition will occupy you for close to 9 hours and the normal edition is close to 6 hours. Even when I’m a self-acclaimed movie marathoner (I can comfortably watch 3 movies at a go…), I had to give myself some interval breaks to digest the contents.

A digest movie of Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D.

High Resolution Entertainment

The Blu-ray/DVD release this time covers mainly the last show of their tour. Those who had a chance to purchase and watch the live broadcast will already know the contents, but they were smart enough to release a different angle for the limited edition. While the normal edition gives us the same angle as the live broadcast, I’m perfectly happy to have a high-resolution version of the concert. I have to say that the live broadcast version pales in comparison when we watch the Blu-ray version.

Limited Edition Highlights

Besides the main concert, I’m a sucker for documentaries and behind the scenes. We get to see how they come up with their ideas, interaction with the staff, and rehearsals in their private clothes. I love the fact that they gave us an option to display subtitles too.

There is of course the part where Sakuma hurts his ankle. I recalled being surprised when he and Date-sama didn’t do the usual acrobat move with Hikaru during D.D. It was later then we know that Sakuma got injured during the last rehearsal. This was also featured on the last episode of the TV documentary “RIDE ON TIME” where they featured Snow Man.

The last episode of the TV documentary show

Multi-Angle Feature

They gave us the multi-angle feature of each member for 3 songs, “Cry Out“, “君の彼氏になりたい“, and “IX Guys Snow Man“. This alone means that we can loop 3 songs x 9 times = 27 times of continuous watching. I was going in this sequence, Meguro → Raul → Hikaru → Sakuma → Shota → Date → Koji → Abe → Fukka, and then watching some songs/parts again. It’s interesting to catch them giving each eye contact and other small interactions that weren’t captured by the main cameras. I thought it was really funny seeing how “high” Raul was during Cry Out, the eye contact between Fukka and Sakuma during Kimikare, and the interaction between Fukka and Shota during IX Guys.

Look out for a cute “Iwa-Saku” moment!

MC Collection

There is also an MC collection of all 9 shows. I think basically I have watched all during the live broadcast, and extremely happy that they recorded the part that I really like for the first show MC, which I also wrote as my personal highlight in my short report. Of course, for the last show, you get to see Fukka doing his “Chudoku” part with pink lighting and all. It was hilarious with the other noisy boys.

Normal Edition Highlights

It’s rare that I will purchase both editions of a concert video unless the contents are very attractive. I’m glad I didn’t regret purchasing this version too because the visual commentary was too funny. I don’t think it’s meant to be watched once because they were so smart to give us the main screen that shows all members and then a camera angle for each boy’s close-up and plus the actual concert scene. I wish I had more pairs of eyes and stamina to look at 9 boys at the same time. (I then realise KinKi fans have less “workload” since we only need to focus on 2 boys…)

Can you spot a “Iwa-Fukka” moment?

Visual Commentary

I think the boys really enjoy Cry Out, especially Raul. It was hilarious how the others were teasing him for getting out of line at the beginning (by Hikaru and Meguro), and trying to “destroy” the stage (by Sakuma). As a fan, after watching this commentary, I need to go back to the multi-angle part again to watch Raul + the reactions from Hikaru, Meguro, and Shota. They were indeed smiling and giving each other eye contact because of Raul’s “high tension“.

During 終わらないMemories, Hikaru was obviously tearing and Sakuma was going “Don’t cry Hikaru, I’ll give you chocolate~~~” And I think we know that Raul and Koji are super admirers of Meguro. But I suspect Shota is also a secret admirer of Meguro when he made a comment on Meguro’s part during Kimikare. It’s also funny at the end when each boy gets to make their speech, everyone was so embarrassed and almost dying at their own speech.

I can’t recall which disc or part but there was a cute Meguro x Sakuma moment on stage. Sakuma insisted on a hug from Meguro when Meguro initiated a double thumbs-up touch and I thought Sakuma was such a baby.


I think I need to spend this weekend recapping the visual commentary to catch other funny and cute moments again. I wonder what’s everyone’s favourite moment in Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D.

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