Snow Man HELLO HELLO single

Snow Man HELLO HELLO single sold approximately 820,000 copies in the first week, according to Billboard news! Congratulations! This is slightly higher than the previous “Grandeur” at approximately 800,000 copies in the first week when it was released in January 2021.

3 editions of the Snow Man HELLO HELLO single

Similar to the previous promotion of “Grandeur”, fans had a lot of previews via their official site, and other social media channels, especially YouTube. They continue to exceed our expectations and came up with another great single which was a lot of fun to listen to and watch.


The lead song “HELLO HELLO“, a fun and pop love song, is the theme song for the movie “Honey Lemon Soda” adapted from the popular same-name comic. Raul plays the lead role, Kai Miura, a cool boy with lemon-colour hair. The movie itself was taken back in summer 2020. I recalled how during the Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D. online concerts, they mentioned this movie.

Snow Man HELLO HELLO MV (YouTube Ver.)

Look out for lots of cute movements from each “love” drama skits of each member. I think many fans were going ga-ga over Ren Meguro’s beret since it’s the first time he’s wearing a hat as part of the costume. Similarly, for Shota Watanabe’s glasses and elephant-printed jacket, I thought he looks so cute.

Cute Dance Practice Video

HELLO HELLO Dance Practice Video

The dance choreography this time seems much easier to imitate compared to their previous performances. I won’t be surprised to see some dance videos out there on Tik Tok, trying out this dance too.

縁 -YUAN-

The second song is a sappy ballad with a Chinese taste. It’s no surprise because this is the theme song for another movie “White Snake“, featuring Daisuke Sakuma dubbing the Japanese voice of the lead role in this Chinese animation film.

縁 -YUAN- MV (YouTube Ver.)

The title itself is pronounced in Mandarin, and you can also find bits of Mandarin in the song too, i.e. 我爱你, 红线牵, 千年之恋, 轮回转世. I thought it’s kind of cool hearing them sing in Mandarin, a little different from how most Johnny’s songs are going full English lyrics nowadays.

Gorgeous music video

Other than the music itself, fans had a good time examining every member’s collarbone and torso. Even the accessories they were wearing look sexy. There are some shots where you can see some of them tearing too. Of course, I was staring at Ren Meguro’s tears… so pretty! Not to mention the artistic set of the music video with all the red rope installation was done by a professional bondage artist. Oh my… the kind of interesting occupation you have in Japan.

YumYumYum ~SpicyGirl~

After recent catchy tunes like Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat, Kimi no kareshi naritai, look out for this highly addictive dance number “YumYumYum ~SpicyGirl~“! It’s choreographed by none other than the group’s leader, Hikaru Iwamoto. You can find some of his signature traits in the dance move.

YumYumYum ~SpicyGirl~ Dance Video (YouTube Ver.)


This song was also used for the latest MOS BURGER CM, featuring Shota Watanabe and Raul. They were even kind enough to share a behind-the-scenes video of making this CM.

Hip bounce!!

Similar to the previous music single promotion, I wonder why the music labels are so generous to put up every song in the single. But probably this is a marketing strategy, to give so many teasers and entice the fans and some non-fans to buy the single.

Hip bounce!! Rec ver.

This is the 4th song, and only available in the Normal Edition of the single. It’s definitely a party song which I can already imagine many people dancing in the summer beach parties. Too bad it’s COVID times, so no gatherings or crazy parties for now.

Snow Man HELLO HELLO Voice Drama

They did something “sweeter” this time with each member acting like your boyfriend in different situations. I don’t think I managed to remember the rest after listening to the parts by Koji Mukai and Hikaru Iwamoto. As the boys said, I also recommend you to use your earphones when listening to this voice drama series, to really “feel” them speaking beside you.


Overall, with 3 different versions of the single, I guess it’s no wonder they can sell more than 820,000 copies in the first week. They are smart to make sure that the DVD contents are different for Limited Edition A and Limited Edition B so that fans will make sure to buy all versions!

HELLO HELLO Another Rec ver.

The latest video uploaded on YouTube features the recording session of HELLO HELLO. It’s a time you get to see them in less dressy costumes, no waxed hair, no make-up. A way to detox after seeing too many cute and sexy and cool videos of them. Let’s hope they can make it to a million copies again for this 4th single!

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