Snow Man Grandeur

Late news here but Snow Man will be releasing their third single “Grandeur” on 20 Jan 2021. They had 2 very successful single releases previously with D.D. and KISSIN MY LIPS/STORIES with both hitting over a million sales. The pressure is there to achieve the same level or even higher level of success for this third single.

1 million subscribers!

First up, congrats for finally hitting 1 million subscribers on YouTube channel! It took them 1 year 22 days to hit this on 2nd January 2021. It’s some kind of destiny that this number coincides with their debut date on 22 January 2020.

YouTube videos

YouTube blasted the fans with a whole load of videos over this week, which offers a good idea of what to expect from this third single. I must say they were really generous to spoil fans with so many exciting videos that only builds up more interest to get the singles.

“Grandeur” MV

Super difficult dance

The boys already mentioned previously the dance choreography this time is very difficult and it took them some time to actually learn and grasp the moves. I’m no dance expert but from the look of it, the dance moves along with the formation really seem very challenging. But the boys made it and the whole music video looks really cool!

4K Dance Practice Video

Big Bang Sweet

While the lead song “Grandeur” is a powerful dance number, you get cute and sweet from Snow Man with this coupling song “Big Bang Sweet“. It’s a tie-up song with Fujiya CM, and we already have some glimpse of this catchy tune from September 2020. The choreography is done by Hikaru.

Fujiya 30 sec CM
Big Bang Sweet PV (YouTube Version)

Limited Edition A

You can get 2 songs “Grandeur” and “Big Bang Sweet” in this edition, along with a DVD that consists of the full PV of these 2 songs + “Big Bang Sweet” dance edit + PV making.

Namida no umi wo koete ike

Another coupling song “Namida no umi wo koete ike” is something they have already performed in their debut concert in October 2020. At the same time, it’s also the theme song of their own regular variety program “Sore Snow Man ni yarasete kudasai” that is featured on Paravi. The lyrics just match so well with Snow Man’s situation especially when they have to cancel all scheduled jobs this year-end due to COVID-19.

Recording + PV

Limited Edition B

For this edition, you can get 2 songs “Grandeur” + “Namida no umi wo koete ike“, along with a DVD that has a multiple angle for “Grandeur” and full PV for the coupling song + a special reel movie for their 1st debut anniversary.


The killer comes just 2 days ago when they release the recording video of this last coupling song “EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING“. The sounds remind me of sappy love songs from Backstreet Boys.

Recording Video

Normal edition

If you are keen to tuck in for a full course of different styles from Snow Man, from their cool dance number, cute sweet song, energetic and motivating melody, to sappy love ballad, then this is the edition to get! As a bonus, you also get all the songs in instrumental tunes + a bonus of their voice drama.

For the next million hit single!

It’s very seldom that I will get all editions of the same single, but this time it seems too attractive to miss any of the editions. I’m pretty sure we are in for another million-hit single with this powerful third single in 2-weeks time. Fingers crossed! Do check out the newly created Twitter account for this single as well!


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