Snow Man’s Secret Touch in Shibuya

Congrats on the release of Snow Man’s “Secret Touch” on 1 December 2021! As of the release date, the single has sold a total of 637,192 copies according to Billboard Japan.

My copies of Snow Man Secret Touch

It’s been almost 2 months since we last learned about the release of this 5th single Secret Touch. Since then, they have released several videos on YouTube for the single promotion. My personal favourite is when they release the Live Tour version. Fans who are not able to attend the concerts can also enjoy the live performance within such short notice.

Snow Man Secret Touch LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania Ver.

FYI, this was the show in which Ren Meguro had no time to do his make-up and set his hair, so you see him wearing a hat with his bangs down. Ren revealed in his own Jweb blog that he was panicking 10 minutes before the show but Raul calmed him down and helped him prepare. It made me wonder who’s the older one…


As usual, I made a trip down to Shibuya over the weekend to explore all the decorations for Snow Man’s Secret Touch promotional campaigns. I was observing how all the fans were taking photos of these decorations. I was glad to see most fans are considerate and well-mannered in general. There were some exceptions of fans who were hogging the booth for a long time but everyone was patient enough to wait.

Entrance of Shibuya TSUTAYA
Flooded with Snow Man
From another angle

Shibuya Tower Records

For the next spot, I had to wait until 11:00 before Tower Records open. There was already a line outside waiting to enter the building.

At the entrance of Tower Records
The usual booth on the 1st floor
The usual booth on the 4th floor
The long queue for the panel corner

I didn’t join this long queue to take the photos with the panel. It’s interesting to see the fans taking shots with their favourite solo member, making a lot of cute poses. I felt a little too old to do that.

Shibuya HMV

There used to be HMV in Shibuya in a prominent spot but now HMV has moved to the Marui (OIOI) building on the 5th and 6th floor. I caught some news that there were some promotional campaigns there too so I decided to drop by to take a look.

A decent space on the 5th floor
A corner that also showcases the previous single and album
A life-sized panel of Snow Man’s Secret Touch

Snow Man “Secret Touch” Limited Edition A

1. Secret Touch
2. 僕の彼女になってよ。
Secret Touch Music Video
僕の彼女になってよ。Lip Sync Video
僕の彼女になってよ。Solo Lip Sync Ver.
Behind the Scenes

「僕の彼女になってよ。」Lip Sync Video YouTube Ver.

Raul revealed in his own Jweb blog on 10 November that 30 minutes before filming the video for 僕の彼女になってよ。 (Boku no kanojo ni natte yo.), they were actually doing the photoshoot for the Osomatsu-san movie. Imagine the switch they need to make between the wacky characters and the sexy feel in this video. Such professionals!

Snow Man “Secret Touch” Limited Edition B

1. Secret Touch
2. Christmas wishes
Secret Touch Multi-angle Video
推理トーキングバトル Secret Snow Man

Secret Touch Music Video YouTube Ver.

It was really fun watching the variety program as usual. There were a lot of funny moments and I think that’s when we will release who’s good at “lying”. But before this, there was a Q&A corner in which they were asked 2 questions “Which member would you like to marry in Snow Man?” and “Do you prefer to be the one who confesses love or be confessed?” I think everyone was surprised that Abe-chan prefers to be the one who confesses love.

Normal Edition

1. Secret Touch
2. 僕の彼女になってよ。
3. Christmas wishes
4. My Sweet Girl
5. Secret Touch (Instrumental)
6. 僕の彼女になってよ。 (Instrumental)
7. Christmas wishes (Instrumental)
8. My Sweet Girl (Instrumental)

Christmas wishes Rec Ver.

I guess many will imagine that they should have a lot of winter songs related to the name of their group. However, this is the first winter x Christmas song they have released. There was no lack of winter songs from KinKi Kids so for me, it was kind of refreshing to hear this cute Christmas number from Snow Man.

Last but not least, congrats to Snow Man and fans for passing the one-millionth mark for Oricon weekly ranking for the 3rd single “Grandeur“! The purchasing power of the fans and supporters is unbelievable in the times of streaming music.

It took 10 months to reach this target, so I guess there is also pressure to make HELLO HELLO and also S1 Mania a million hit too. Well, I support them at my own pace and truly enjoy their songs and performance, but not really buying 100 copies of the same single/album. Hats off to those who can really do that!

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