Snow Man Secret Touch

Snow Man will be releasing their 5th single “Secret Touch” on 1 December 2021! It features the theme song from TV Asahi drama “Kieta Hatsukoi” (My Love Mix-Up) that will start airing on 9 October 23:30 Japan time. You can purchase your copies from this link.

Limited Edition A

1. Secret Touch
2. 僕の彼女になってよ。
Contents unknown

Limited Edition B

1. Secret Touch
2. Christmas wishes
Contents unknown

Normal Edition

1. Secret Touch
2. 僕の彼女になってよ。
3. Christmas wishes
4. My Sweet Girl
5. Secret Touch (Instrumental)
6. 僕の彼女になってよ。 (Instrumental)
7. Christmas wishes (Instrumental)
8. My Sweet Girl (Instrumental)

Snow Man Secret Touch on YouTube

I think we are really spoiled by their marketing team who knows how to spoil fans. Yesterday, they played the song on Snow Man’s radio show “Sunomama“, announcing the release date today, and then give us the full song on YouTube! Excuse me! I have no time to digest all this information!

Snow Man Secret Touch Rec Ver.

Sequel to Kimikare?!

Personally, I’m really curious to listen to the coupling song “Boku no kanojo ni natte yo” (Be my girlfriend) which is supposedly a sequel or answer song to the coupling song of their 2nd single “KISSIN’ MY LIPS/Stories” – Kimi no kareshi ni naritai (I want to be your boyfriend). I’m a little puzzled that there is no voice drama this time!?

Snow Man “Kimi no kareshi ni naritai” Dance Practice Video

Snow Mania S1

It was also announced today that the Recording Industry of Association in Japan (RIAJ) recognised that Snow Mania S1 has shipped over 1 million copies in September 2021! Congratulations! I don’t think it’s easy to hit even half a million copies in this era of digital streaming music, so imagine the power of fans grabbing all these album copies!

Osomatsu-san MOVIE

As if we don’t have enough announcements, they also confirmed that the movie of Osomatsu-san will be launched on 25 March 2022. Isn’t this Data-sama’s birthday?! I think we will need to check more updates from their Twitter account moving on.

Snow Mania Live Tour 2021 Mania

They just started their concert tour “Snow Mania Live Tour 2021 Mania” today with 2 shows in Yokohama Arena. For those who do not want to read any spoilers, please do not proceed further!

While you are thinking about whether to proceed with the spoilers or not, please enjoy some teaser from the upcoming drama adapted from the original comic released under Bessatsu Margaret, with a focus on Ren Meguro as Kosuke Ida.


You can also catch some scenes from the press conference they held on 6 October 2021. It features the main cast including the double lead actors, Ren Meguro and Shunsuke Michieda.

“Kieta Hatsukoi” Press Conference

Concert Setlist

  1. D.D.
  3. Delicious!!!
  4. Party!Party!Party!
  5. Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat
  6. Hip bounce!!
  7. Super Sexy
  10. Sugar
  11. P.M.G.
  12. Snow Word
  13. Be Proud!
  14. Grandeur
  15. Secret Touch
  16. 君の彼氏になりたい。
  19. 360m
  21. Black Gold
  22. Make It Hot
  23. 縁-YUAN-
  24. Infighter
  25. YumYumYum ~Spicy Girl~
  26. Cry out
  28. Snow Man’s Life

This is such a perfect setlist! Of course, there are many songs coming from the Snow Mania S1 album, but I’m glad they did not forget some of their other original songs like Cry out and ZIG ZAG LOVE, which I’m still wondering when they will release these in CDs!

Guests from SixTONES

Apparently, Jesse, Shintaro, Kochi from SixTONES attended the first show in Yokohama Arena today as well! Jesse was dressed in bright orange attire, which made him really stand out. Koji mentioned in his blog that maybe Jesse is his fan. (Orange is Koji’s member colour.)

The fans’ lover, Ren Meguro

It was really sweet of Meguro to update his Johnny’s web blog Snow Nichijo today at 13:00 JST, dedicated to the fans who are not able to attend the concerts in person. I’m one of them but secretly hoping they will do an online broadcast in one of the last shows.

Good luck!!!

Good luck to the boys for the remaining 30 shows in 7 cities! I hope all luck will be on their side, and all 9 members and staff will stay healthy, with no injuries all the way to the last show! For those who can attend, please send all the love from the rest of the fans around the world!


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