Snow Man Brother Beat

Congrats to Snow Man for a great start to the sales of the 6th single “Brother Beat”! According to Billboard Japan, the single has sold a total of 809,082 copies in the first week since it was released on 30 March 2022.

It has been a little more than 3 months since their last single release. There was a lot of hype since the song is a tie-up with their movie Mr. Osomatsu starring Snow Man as the main characters.

The original PV released on YouTube was really cute and pop, and the melody just keeps ringing in my head. I guess my favourite part is when Fukka-san sang “1,2,3,4” in Mandarin. The dance choreography includes lots of little movements that link with the lyrics, so I will highly recommend checking it out here as well!

Promotion in Shibuya

At Shibuya subway station

As usual, there was a whole bunch of promotions going on in Shibuya, so I went over last weekend to experience the heat in the main CD shops.

Booth at Shibuya TSUTAYA
Lifesize panel at 4th floor of Tower Records
Booth at HMV Shibuya
Another lifesize panel at HMV
Ren Meguro looking suave

Limited Edition A

01 Brother Beat

“Brother Beat” Music Video
“REFRESH” Dance Video
Behind The Scenes

The couple song “REFRESH” is another tie-up song for Mintia’s TV commercial. The highly addictive tune, coupled with Hikaru Iwamoto’s choreography is a must-see!

For all the singles/albums so far, I usually look forward to the “Behind The Scenes” the most, and without a doubt, this time it was really fun watching how they prepared for the PV, CD jacket shots, and also personal interviews. It was kind of cute to see how everyone was praising Hikaru for his choreography for “REFRESH”, especially love how Raul shared his thoughts on Hikaru’s peculiar habit on certain moves.

Limited Edition B

01 Brother Beat
02 From Today

“Brother Beat” Multi-Angle Video
“From Today” Lip Sync Video

Here’s another tie-up song “From Today” for the MOS BURGER TV commercial. Raul and Shota Watanabe have been selected as the “Annual Image Character” for MOS BURGER. I guess they probably have successfully driven up the sales when they were first starred in the summer of last year.

Personally, I really enjoyed the program “KILLER POKER 009”, and I think it might be even more entertaining than the usual TV programs. Definitely worth purchasing this edition for this program! Not to forget the multi-angle video too! While everyone’s attention is usually on Ryohei Abe, I think this time, everyone has their cute moments!

Normal Edition

01 Brother Beat
03 From Today
04 イチバンボシ
05 Brother Beat (Instrumental)
06 REFRESH (Instrumental)
07 From Today (Instrumental)
08 イチバンボシ (Instrumental)

The last coupling song “Ichibanboshi” (literally means “the first star”) is written to encourage people not to give up, to believe in themselves, and give gratitude to the ones around them.


While I’m still trying to digest the contents of the 6th single, they have already announced the next release of the Live DVD & Blu-ray “Snow Man Live Tour 2021 Mania” coming out on 4 May 2022! I can’t wait to see this as unfortunately I could not witness this in person last year. I’ll leave the contents to another post later.


Of course, the annual stage performance “Takizawa Kabuki Zero 2022” had a successful opening yesterday at Shinbashi Enbujou. The news has it that they will be bringing this show to Asia in 2023 between spring and summer! They have not announced the specific countries or dates. I believe Hideaki Takizawa brought this show to Singapore back in the summer of 2015 at its 10th anniversary. This is really exciting news for overseas fans and I hope I can also have a chance to watch back in my home country too! Until then, I wish for Snow Man, all the cast, and the staff to successfully perform the shows until 16 May 2022 without any big issues.

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