Snow Mania S1

Congrats to all Snow Man fans! The long-awaited album “Snow Mania S1” will be released on 29 September 2021! *throws confetti* The Snow Man Fan Club also sent an email with the details to share this happy news with fans!

New artist image for Snow Mania S1

Their official music label “Avex” has been dropping some banner teasers on the official website since a couple of days ago, sending fans into rounds of speculation of an album, or live tour announcement. Sharp-eyed fans were even researching about the Tiffany & Co. accessories won by the boys themselves.

Limited Edition A

12 songs including new songs and singles

9 songs including popular numbers from their Junior times

Music Video 1
Music Video 2
Behind the scenes video

OMG! I guess probably a lot of fans are going crazy over CD Disc 2 because Snow Man also has many non-released original songs from their Junior times. They were thoughtful(?) enough to give us a choice to purchase the DVD set or the Blu-ray set.

Limited Edition B

15 songs including new songs and singles

Special Reel 1
Special Reel 2
Special Reel 3

Here are the DVD set and the Blu-ray set. We all notice that there are three additional songs compared to Limited Edition A. So fans were speculating it could be unit group songs. If we follow the banner teasers, it could be these 3 unit groups.

Hikaru x Sakuma x Raul
Abe-chan x Meguro x Shoppi
Fukka x Koji x Date-sama

Normal Edition

12 songs including new songs, singles, bonus track & voice drama

Here’s the link to purchase the album. Don’t they love including “voice drama” track? I wonder what kind of theme it will be because the one from HELLO HELLO single was really good.

9 non-released Snow Man songs

It’s really difficult to choose 9 songs here and looking from the list below. I am making my guess for the 9 songs that we will expect in the album.

Acrobatic (2)
Boogie Woogie Baby (3)
IX Guys Snow Man
Vanishing Over
Snow Dream
Party! Party! Party! (4)
Don’t Hold Back (5)
Hirarito Sakura
Make It Hot
Asayake no Hana (6)
Lock on! (7)
Owaranai Memories (8)
Cry out (9)

Cry out is definitely a hot favourite, with fans hoping we can even get a music video out of this. Even better if we can have a dance practice video out of this. *sending pleads to YouTube* I deliberately left out those songs related to Takizawa Kabuki ZERO because we already have a DVD/Blu-ray for these songs. We also have unreleased songs like Black Gold and Be Proud. And I guess they are likely to include those songs that each member has expressed that it’s their favourite Snow Man song during the Snow Man Asia Tour 2D.2D. concert.

Member’s favourite Snow Man song

Fukka → Party! Party! Party!
Raul → Cry out
Meguro → Boogie Woogie Baby
Hikaru → Owaranai Memories
Abe-chan → ZIG ZAG LOVE
Sakuma → Stories
Koji → Snow World
Date-sama → Namida no Umi wo Koeteike
Shoppi → D.D.

After 2 years…

It’s been 2 years after the debut announcement on 8 August 2019 in Tokyo Dome, it’s amazing how the boys have grown. Of course, I wasted no time ordering all 3 editions of “Snow Mania S1”. Well, for those who are still thinking about which one to get, probably good to consider the 2 limited editions first, and then consider the normal edition later.


It’s timely that Shoppi updated his Jweb blog today, and told us that they recorded all those Junior songs again, and he also noticed how much his voice has “grown”. For the main album CD itself, it seems like they listened to over 70 songs to select the main album songs. WOW! I can’t wait to get my hands on this “treasure box” for sure!

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