Snow Man ASIA TOUR 2D.2D. Blu ray/DVD Release

Snow Man ASIA TOUR 2D.2D. online concert will be released in Blu ray/DVD on 3rd March 2021. You can find more information from the official site. We kind of know about this during the last show as well, but it’s great to know the gorgeous contents they have in store for us.

Limited Edition

I think fans will be thrilled to find out that they recorded the last show on 25 October 2020, in a different angle from what we watched during the online show. At the same time, the special reel includes a documentary, MC collection, multi-angle for 3 performances, highlight scenes for the group and solo members.

Normal Edition

For this version, they recorded the last show at the same angle as what we got during the online show. The special reel includes a visual commentary (no idea what this is…), and a digest video of the first show on 22 October 2020. I wrote a short report on this previously.

Concert streamers

Isn’t the staff sweet to include those streamers (銀テープ) as part of a special gift? These are the stuff that we see shooting out at the concert during the climax, and fans will be scrambling around to grab one.

Order both editions

Considering the contents are totally different in the 2 versions, I pre-ordered both editions. A big burn in the pocket but I’m sure it will be totally worth it.

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