Snow Man Orange kiss

Congrats to Snow Man Orange kiss single for selling a total of 850,692 copies in its first week of release according to Billboard Japan! Such an amazing feat! The purchasing power of fans is really awesome.

My Boyfriend in Orange

I also had a chance to watch “My Boyfriend in Orange“, the movie starring Hikaru Iwamoto as the lead. The theme song for this movie is obviously Snow Man Orange kiss! It’s just too bad that Hikaru and Sakuma caught COVID-19 and had to rest for around 10 days from 8 July when there were many shows lined up for the single promotion. I intentionally selected the 9:00 morning show on 9 July so that I could catch the live broadcast of the stage greetings from the cast. Even though Hikaru couldn’t attend this in person, he sent in a letter and we got to hear some cute episodes of his excitement towards the movie.

It’s interesting how in my last post, I was talking about how we still don’t know the coupling song and I hope that they will include Feel the light, Lovely. To think that they really included this song in the Limited Edition B. In addition, to have a Dance Video for it was really the cherry on the cake! You can find more details from the official site.

Limited Edition A

01 Orange kiss
02 Wonderful! x Surprise!

Orange kiss Music Video
Wonderful! x Surprise! Lip Sync Video
Behind The Scenes

Limited Edition B

01 Orange kiss
02 Feel the light, Lovely

Orange kiss Multi-angle Video
Feel the light, Lovely Dance Video
Lucky 7 Bingo

Normal Edition

01 Orange kiss
02 Wonderful! x Surprise!
03 Feel the light, Lovely
04 僕に大切にされてね。
05 Orange kiss (Instrumental)
06 Wonderful! x Surprise! (Instrumental)
07 Feel the light, Lovely (Instrumental)
08 僕に大切にされてね。 (Instrumental)

Trilogy of Kimikare story

We also get the 3rd song of the Kimikare trilogy that started 2 years ago from Kimi no kareshi ni naritai (coupling song of KISSIN’ MY LIPS/Stories single) and Boku no Kanajo ni natte yo (coupling song of Secret Touch single). It was funny how the story developed through a very short timeframe, and the end of the story was *self-censored*. I think I still like the first song the best!

Snow Man Orange kiss promotion in Shibuya

As usual, I spent some time last weekend capturing the single promotion in Shibuya. It was a timely coincidence that Naniwa Danshi also released their 1st album on the same day and the CD shops were flooded with fans from both groups!

Giant banner near exit B7 of Shibuya subway station
From another angle

Shibuya Tower Records

Snow Man Orange kiss booth
Overcrowded 4th floor!

It was the first time I encountered this kind of crowd on the 4th floor. Apparently, most are Naniwa Danshi fans trying to take a snapshot of their booth. I was really overwhelmed by this crowd.

A line for taking photos with Snow Man panel
A glimpse of the giant Snow Man panel

To take this photo with the Snow Man panel, you have to obtain a ticket at the entrance of Tower Records to check the timing to enter this line. I guess they really need to do some crowd control given the sheer number of fans.

Shibuya HMV

The booth on the 5th floor
The life-size panel of Snow Man

This is another photo area where there is a long line of fans waiting to have their turn to take photos of their favourite member(s). I couldn’t make myself queue just to take a photo here so excuse me for deleting the face of the fan in the picture.

Ren Meguro, my favourite


At the entrance of TSUTAYA
Snow Man x Naniwa Danshi at the entrance
Another photo corner

消えた初恋 DVD/Blu-ray Box

Speaking of Snow Man and Naniwa Danshi, I’m reminded of the “My Love Mix-up” drama DVD/Blu-ray box set which I have ordered almost a year ago. Finally, it’s due to be released this week, on 22 July 2022!!! Looking at the contents here, I was overjoyed to know that there’s a behind-the-scenes part. Apparently, it’s around 122 minutes?! We get a full version of their date in Yokohama!

Upcoming works of Ren

There is a fresh announcement this morning about Ren’s appearance in the NHK morning serial drama 舞い上がれ!(Maiagare! = literally meaning “Soar away!”) in the later half of 2022. Not to forget that there have already been 2 other movies scheduled to be screen in December 2022 and in spring 2023.

Based on a novel published in 2017, 月の満ち欠け (Tsuki no michikake = Phases of the Moon) has been confirmed to start screening on 2 December 2022. You can catch a glimpse of the movie teaser.

Another movie titled わたしの幸せな結婚 (Watashi no shiawase na kekkon = My Happy Marriage) is based on a novel then comic book series. People are calling this the Japanese version of Cinderella. I was already going ga-ga over the dreamy visuals.

I can imagine fans going to be very busy in the upcoming months! Brace yourselves!


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