Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania DVD Half-Million Hit

It’s been more than a month since the release of “Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania DVD. Those who bought all 3 versions were treated to a great volume of content covering the entire tour across 7 cities in Japan. I could not make myself sit down to watch through everything at one go, and had to break it down into several weeks to digest all the content.

Snow Man LIVE TOUR 2021 Mania DVD Half-million Hit!

Congrats to the boys, the staff, and the fans for making this video a half-million hit! According to Billboard Japan, it sold 521,156 copies in the month of May which is amazing for the video category. I recall that in the first week, there was some commotion that all the versions are sold out, and cannot be bought anywhere! This is how scary the fans are, sweeping up all the available copies.

Promotions in Shibuya and Ginza

It was interesting to go around Shibuya, as usual, to see all the promotions going on. I was surprised to see some of these billboards in Ginza which was featuring some different versions.


Entrance of Shibuya TSUTAYA
Promotion Booth
Snow Man Live Tour 2021 Mania DVD Panel Exhibition
The shelves are empty!
Spotted in Shibuya Streets

Shibuya Tower Records

Snow Man and Domoto Koichi booths
Fukka’s magazine galore

Shibuya HMV

HMV booth

Around Ginza

2 different versions!
Another one spotted in Ginza

A mixture of dance numbers and ballads

Looking back at the concert set list that I noted down in my previous post, there was really a lot of hardcore dancing. I totally could understand what Koji was saying when he was doing his little skit before HELLO HELLO. I have so many favourite performances that I can’t make up my mind quickly to say which is my utmost favourite.

Super Sexy

But if I really have to choose, it will be the performance of Super Sexy, which was revealed on YouTube 2 weeks before the release. I was going “OMG” looking at the dance, singing, and the camera angles. The entire performance was really well-thought and fitted the theme of Mania really well. Credits to Abe-chan for coming up with this “Snow in the Box” idea. It resembles how fans will keep figurines of those anime characters in a display box. I’m so happy we also get a multi-angle version so that we can focus on our favourite.

Unit Songs

There was a lot of fun watching the 3 performances of the unit songs. I was really laughing at P.M.G. for Date-san’s part, especially in the “Members & Group Mania Selection“. I love how as the shows proceed in the tour, the staff especially the cameraman learns how to have fun with the boys.

MC Digest

This is also a highlight in which we get to enjoy the parody skits of “Kieta Saku-Koji“. They started doing this parody because Meme’s drama “Kieta Hatsukoi” was on air every Saturday night. Speaking of which, the drama DVD box will be out soon on 22 July 2022! Abe-chan was the narrator, while Sakuma and Koji were the main actors. As the shows proceed, they involve other members too. I think the peak for Memenabe fans was when Shoppi went over to hug Meme, who gave this totally astonished face. It was such a cute and funny moment.

Birthday shows

Lucky fans who get to attend the birthday shows for Shoppi and Abe-chan were also treated to some surprise during the MC time. The other boys were bent on giving a surprise so the birthday cake and birthday song were presented at different timings for each birthday boy. I love the birthday gifts presented to them as well. It’s basically Shoppi’s face photo-shopped for all 9 members on all 3 versions of the “Secret Touch” single covers. Same for Abe-chan. I think some fan-made a version for Meme too. I want that version! LOL!

Endless looping

Back to looping some of the discs as I’m sure I may have missed out on some parts in the first few rounds. It will be another month before the boys release another new single Orange Kiss! I’m curious to know what are the coupling songs since the official site hasn’t announced anything yet! Fingers crossed it will be something groovy like Feel the light, Lovely. This song has been on my loop list since last week too.

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