Snow Man ありがとう!

Thank you for the great finale today! Their heartfelt comments at the end of the show left many fans crying with the members. So much hard work and anguish from the years of being a Johnny’s Jr. had them wanting to give up but they didn’t.

Ticket for last show

An unbelievable feat for completing all 9 shows within 4 days!

You can find the concert set list from my previous post. They cut the last song “Asayake no Hana” though, and ended off with D.D. I love how we can check out their before and after concert comments or little videos from Island TV as well.

Personal Highlights

Sorry, but I can only remember Sakuma’s abs during “Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat” when he “tore” open his shirt to show his “desire“. LOL! There were those funny moments when Fukka did his crazy dance during “Lock-On”. Please refer to the YouTube video they released last night to get a glimpse of that dance.

Choreography video


Thanks for this YouTube video, I couldn’t really sleep last night. Please do not release funny videos like this at night!

Meme’s tears

Sakuma was crying while he’s saying his last speech, but Meme choked up when he mentioned Johnny-san too. Such beautiful tears… I guess when you have a handsome face, even a crying face is a handsome face. For some reference of Meme’s beautiful tears, please try to find the episode of “冒険少年” (Bouken Shonen) aired on 28 September where Meme and Koji tried to survive and escape the “no-man” island.

Concert DVD to be released

During MC, they announced that there will be DVD released for this precious debut concert. In fact, there were 40 cameras around the concert hall today, according to Sakuma for the DVD filming. It is rumoured that it will cover different angles from the live broadcast this time, and also high possiblity of multi-angles for several performances. Ooo~~ they really know how to please fans. Fingers crossed they don’t come up with 9 versions of DVD. *faint*

3rd single to be released

During one of the shows, they also announced that they will be releasing their 3rd single on 20 January 2020. Details can be found here. But basically, it seems like the songs have yet been confirmed.

Special TV show on 1/1/2021

The surprise announcement they received on 22 Oct show about their own variety show also has details confirmed. The contents are unknown but the TV on-air date will be 1st January 2021.

Other announcements

They will also release their 2021-2020 calendar with the reservation starting from 1st December 2020. At the same time, Takizawa Kabuki ZERO 2020 The Movie will be screened nationwide in theatres from 4th December 2020. I can hear our pockets bleeding…

All in all

It is definitely a first to hold live broadcast of debut concerts. As much as I feel that it’s much intimate to be in the same space as the members to celebrate with them, this live broadcast gave fans from all over the world to connect and watch their concert shows without trying to think about how to get our hands on tickets or arrange flights or accommodation to travel to Japan to watch them. I really hope that in the near future, we can watch them in person + continue to give the chance to those who cannot see them in person to watch them online.

Again, thank you for the wonderful time!

For all 9 members, please get some good rest and recover from this crazy schedule. Looking forward to the next time we can enjoy their performances in person and also get our hands on the confetti and silver tapes!!! Please share a piece of those tapes with us as part of the special bonus of the concert DVD.

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