X’mas with KinKi Kids gift selection 2020

X’mas with KinKi Kids gift selection 2020 was conducted earlier today at 21:00 Japan time. Considering that it’s only 1,500 JPY for all, it was quite a bargain where you get the full package of a live orchestra, live band and of course live singing from KinKi Kids.

Online Ticket for the X’mas concert 2020

Concert Set List

Harmony of December
銀色暗号 (Giniro angou)
愛のかたまり (Ai no Katamari)
シンデレラクリスマス (Cinderella Christmas)
フラワー (Flower) with school band from Hanasaki Tokuharu High School)

SnowMan Kids!?

Everything was proceeding nice and smooth, with beautiful music arrangement and the boys looking like princes dressed in pure white costumes. All was good until “Ai no Katamari”.

The scene switched to a white-faced Koichi then Tsuyoshi, and you wonder what joke it is until the camera zooms out and there you have KinKi Kids dressed up like giant snowmen. OMG. It’s all very surreal especially when everything is still beautiful. Midway during the song, Tsuyoshi starts to move in a rhythmic way, while Koichi continues to sing in a serious tone. I was all impressed, amused, horrified all at once.

Can they stop wearing party costumes? They did that recently during the CDTV LIVE! LIVE! performance when they dressed up in Christmas tree costumes and singing “Cinderella Christmas” in a very serious manner. (~beautiful beautiful night~~?)

Sneak Preview

At the end of this Christmas concert, they gave a sneak preview of the New Year Concert they will be performing on 1st January 2021 too! You can expect more party costumes from the Kids.

Online Ticket for New Year Concert 2021

Concert Goods

While we won’t be able to share the same concert space, waving our penlights and uchiwa with other fans for KinKi Kids, they are really “thoughtful” to come up with very sweet and appropriate goods for this year. You can find the selection here. I’m a sucker for clear files, but then I wonder how I can use this clear file with Snowman KinKi Kids.

Thank you!

Nevertheless, I’m really happy that we get to share some time with KinKi Kids over Christmas Eve this year, and more to come on 1st January 2021! Thank you both, the orchestra, the band members and staff for such a beautiful concept! In the meantime, I will continue binge-watching their past concert videos.


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