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Amazon Prime Video is distributing 13 past concert titles of KinKi Kids from 30 October 2020. Those who are members of Amazon Japan Prime will be able to enjoy these concerts, including a 2016 concert held in Budoukan that has never been released on DVD/Blu-ray before.

Concert List

We are KinKi Kids Live Tour 2016 TSUYOSHI & KOICHI(日本武道館公演)- NEW!
We are φn’ 39!! and U? KinKi Kids Live in DOME 07-08
KinKi you DVD(7月22日 TOKYO DOME公演)
KinKi Kids concert tour J
KinKi Kids 2010-2011 ~君も堂本FAMILY~
KinKi Kids Concert 2013-2014「L」
2015-2016 Concert KinKi Kids
We are KinKi Kids Dome Concert 2016-2017 TSUYOSHI & YOU & KOICHI
KinKi Kids CONCERT 20.2.21 -Everything happens for a reason-
KOICHI DOMOTO Concert Tour 2012 “Gravity”
堂本 剛 東大寺LIVE2018
堂本 剛 祈望 平安神宮 奉納演奏史 2014-2019(2018年公演)

The 2016 Budoukan Concert

With so many online concerts recently, I’m more than happy to revive those good memories of watching all these past KinKi Kids concerts via Amazon Prime, even though I have those concert DVD/Blu-ray.

The one that I haven’t got a chance to attend live was this 2016 Budoukan Concert. After watching it, I kind of understand why it wasn’t released. Too many “Sexy Zone” jokes! Basically Koichi behaved like he’s a little drunk. I guess Johnny-san stopped this from being released.

At the same time, the concert setlist and stage is very much similar to the Dome concert tour they held in the same year, and this one was released in the DVD/Blu-ray.

King. KinKi Kids 2011-2012

I was trying to search for this concert title but somehow this is not included. It was actually one of my favourite KinKi Kids concerts, based mainly on K album songs. Maybe it’s something to do with copyright issues or other “adult matters” (大人の事情)…

Concert Tour 2019-2020 ThanKs 2 YOU

Finally, in the next week, we will get the new DVD/Blu-ray for their latest concert tour! It was a really good concert considering the previous year was an orchestra version.

For the contents, please feel free to check out an earlier post.


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