Snow Man 2nd single “KISSIN’ MY LIPS / Stories” released on 7 October 2020 has achieved 939,589 CD sales in the first week from 5 October to 11 October 2020, putting them in the top of “JAPAN HOT 100” of the Billboard Japan chart.

Congratulations to Snow Man, staff and fans!!!

This is considered very good results compared to their 1st single “D.D.” which achieved 752,236 CD sales in the first week back in January 2020. In fact, I think they passed the half-million mark in their 1st day of CD sales for this 2nd single.

Personally, I like “KISSIN’ MY LIPS” a lot for its catchy melody, and amazingly all English lyrics which the boys did a decent job with the pronunciation. The other single song “Stories” is a totally different feel, given its tie-up theme song for the anime “Black Clover“.

To Shibuya…

I made a trip down to Shibuya to catch the “live” action on the day of the CD single release. It’s like a festival with lots of posters and BGM of the new single songs.

Shibuya Tsutaya

Giant Poster at the Entrance of Shibuya Tsutaya
Posters everywhere!
From another angle
Video is on loop at the back of the cashier

Shibuya Tower Records

Main display after entrance
Photo-taking session with the huge Snow Man panel

From Weibo

The very talented Photo boy (aka Koji Mukai) took a lot of off-shot photos during the PV filming, and I’m sure all the fans were dying to grab his photo database. LOL Some of these off-shot photos were shared via their official Weibo account.

Some of my favourite shots are below.

Sakuma-kun is so pretty in these shots with sakura as backdrop.
Feeling emotional looking at this

SixTONES TrackONE -IMPACT- Release

On another note, SixTONES has also released their new concert tour video “TrackONE -IMPACT-” on 14 October 2020. I also passed by Shibuya Tower Records to check out the displays.

SixTONES new concert video release corner

SixTONES upcoming 3rd single

SixTONES are also on fire, with their 3rd single “NEW ERA“, to be released on 11 November 2020. It’s a tie-up theme song for this anime “Hanyo Yashahime“. Previously, their 2nd single “Navigator” was also a tie-up for another anime “Fugou Keiji“.

Screenshot of their Instagram account

I still haven’t got my chance to sit down properly to watch the concert tour video, and will do so again this weekend. Next weekend, I will be tuning in to Snow Man’s online concert shows too. Hopefully, I can share some report on that again!

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