SixTONES battle week

It’s been a very busy week with a lot of announcements made for SixTones driving fans crazy.

Live Streaming

Live Streaming page

I was very surprised when they offer to live stream SixTONES concert on Tuesday for the evening show on 19 Nov 2019. Although you need to subscribe to Island TV, and also pay 500 JPY for an hour of live streaming (they are not doing the full concert), I thought it was worth a try. It was quite an interesting experience, but too bad the first half was more of cover songs instead of their original songs.

Start of SixTONES fan club

It was announced during the afternoon show on 19 Nov 2019 (Tue) during SixTONES “Rough XXXXXX” concert tour, that they will start their own fan club on 20 Nov 2019 at 12 pm. Those who are already in the Johnny’s Jr. fan club can join SixTONES FC with an annual fee of 4,140 JPY, and the usual initial fee of 1000 JPY will be waived.

It was so scary seeing how Twitter was trending with their related topics, with a lot of people encountering server error issues due to a huge surge of traffic trying to access the FC page.

Error page that has been showing for hours…

It doesn’t help with their rival group “SnowMan” who is also starting their own FC at the same time, along with 2 other groups having concerts around the same time, so fans need to access the page to display their digital tickets QR codes. Plus some other groups’ fans were trying to check their ballot results for other shows.

I think the agency needs to reconsider the server capacity, separate the FC sites, or just check all the schedules to minimise any overlapping.

Anyway, after trying to access the page for 14 hours (well obviously I wasn’t doing this for 14 hours…), I finally got to register myself in the FC. I was in the 4xxxxth person to register, and the last I checked, 2 days after announcing the FC opening, they have passed 100,000 mark. AMAZING!!!!!!

Debut song to be produced by Yoshiki

During the concert, they also announced that their debut song will be produced by Yoshiki (X Japan). Apparently, Tackey approached Yoshiki in spring this year for this offer and Yoshiki was planning to turn it down due to his busy schedule. But due to Tackey’s passionate presentation and the potential Yoshiki sees in SixTONES’ capability to renew the image of J-POP overseas, Yoshiki decided to write and produce their debut song.

According to the report, it’s a ballad that is intentionally produced in Yoshiki’s melody style, and it’s also the first time Yoshiki is writing a song for Johnny’s artist.

Arena Tour 2020

Arena concert tour title and logo

While SixTONES is still in the midst of their current concert tour, they have already announced their new arena concert tour next year. Titled “TrackONE -IMPACT-” (pronounced as TONE IMPACT), it will cover 5 cities in Yokohama, Osaka, Fukuoka, Shizuoka, and Sapporo from 4th Jan 2020 to 29 Mar 2020. I can already imagine the ticket battle will be crazy… Wish me luck!

And I realise only CAPITAL letters are pronounced for their concert tour title, just like their group name. (>o<)

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