Koichi started off his solo concert tourKOICHI DOMOTO LIVE TOUR 2021 PLAYFUL” on 20 June 2021 in Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena (Sapporo, Hokkaido). It’s been 6 years since his last solo concert tour “Spiral” in 2015. With COVID-19 restrictions, Koichi already mentioned in his own Jweb blog that he will keep the concert within 2 hours, and the audience is expected to be seated.


I am usually 100% with spoilers so it was fun reading through all the reports from fans who were lucky to attend this first show yesterday.

Concert Set List

  2. Bad Desire
  3. 妖 ~あやかし~
  4. Danger Zone
    V Short Movie
  6. V (with English lyrics)
  7. Tik Tik Tik
  8. I Want Your love
  9. Foxy Dominator
  10. Animal
  11. 追憶の雨
  12. Mutual
  13. Deep in your heart
  14. FAME
  15. absolute love
  16. Back to you
  17. Way To Dark
  18. Rewind
  19. Slave Maker
  20. Time to go

40-minute MC?

It seems like it was 1-hour 40-minute show and Koichi had a 40-minute MC in total. Because of COVID-19 guidelines, fans are not supposed to cheer or make any noise, so there’s a lot of response from fans by clapping. I guess besides clapping, the only other way is to wave penlights. You can check out the concert goods here. I was too amused by the acrylic stand but well it’s the “trend” so I ordered mine as well. *oops*

Some highlights

Looking at the concert setlist, fans were wondering when Koichi will start performing songs from his latest album “PLAYFUL“. I’m still looping this new album daily to familiarise myself with the songs. I think this is a good mix of new and old songs from his albums. Apparently, there were English lyrics to the number “V” in his new album, exclusive for this concert performance only. I also read that he really looks like a King, sitting on his throne for the number “V”. The short movie screened during the concert was also a collaborated production with Square Enix. I’m also delighted to know that YOSHIE-san joined this concert as one of the back-dancers too!

Remaining shows

He will continue his solo concert tour until mid-August across other Japanese regions, like Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka, and Fukuoka. I really hope we can get a DVD/Blu-ray out of this concert. My one and only show will be in Yokohama Arena, and seriously cannot wait to see him in person again! Till then, my fingers are crossed that the tour will continue and finish successfully!!!

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