KinKi Kids O正月コンサート2021

KinKi Kids Oshogatsu concert 2021 is such a gem!

Sneak Preview

Just finished watching this close to 2 hour concert, and still cannot believe that they didn’t actually sing many songs from O album, but instead they gave us a super golden concert set list with a lot of familiar tunes.

1st January Concert Set List

Cool Beauty
Natural Thang
Bonnie Butterfly
やめないで、PURE (Yamenaide, PURE)
愛されるより愛したい (Aisareru yori aishitai)
MC (Koichi BD celebration)
彗星の如く (Suisei no gotoku)
100年後の空にはなにが見えるんだろう (Hyakunengo no sora niwa naniga mierun darou)
薔薇と太陽 (Bara to taiyou)
光の気配 (Hikari no kehai)
道は手ずから夢の花 (Michi wa tezukara yume no hana)
スワンソング (Swan Song)
Glorious Days
Family~一つになること (Family~Hitotsu ni naru koto)
Shonentai Section
What’s your name?
Kissからはじまるミステリー (Kiss kara hajimaru mystery)
硝子の少年 (Garasu no Shonen)
新しい時代 (Atarashii jidai)
Happy Happy Greeting

Gorgeous stage

The concert venue was at Yokohama Arena, and I think they did a very smart combination of stage settings with lights and camera work. Despite being an online concert, it was a majestic feel especially when it comes with the full orchestra.

Bonnie Butterfly

This is one of my top favourites so I was screaming in my heart when the music starts. They did a new choreography for the song but I remembered the original moves and was doing the ghost moves. LOL!

Birthday celebration

I really miss the times when we can celebrate together with Koichi in Tokyo Dome. They still did a small celebration for Koichi with a super cute cake with small figures of Tsuyoshi, Johnny-san and Koichi in the middle of the cake.


As usual, Koichi did an impersonation of Johnny-san during the performance of “KANZAI BOYA” and he continued with this into “Bara to taiyou” and everyone on Twitter was really amused looking at this performance, thinking that Johnny-san can dance really well. LOL!

English song

I was surprised that they actually sang “Missing” (from J album), which is an English-only song. Tsuyoshi sounds so natural in his English, and the words of the song fit so well in this difficult time.


There was one time when I dread KinKi singing too many ballads in their concerts, but I’m not sure if it’s age or what, I’m starting to appreciate a lot more recently. Their singing and perfect harmony just makes me tear when listening to their performances of Hikari no kehai and Michi wa tezukara yume no hana.

Shonentai Section

They did a tribute corner to Shonentai who will be disbanded this year. What a surprise! I love Shonentai songs!!! It made me want to dance along, especially when Koichi genuinely looks like he’s enjoying himself too.

Yamashita Tatsurou

Yamashita Tatsurou composed the melody for one of the Shonentai’s songs “FUNKY FLUSHIN'”. I love how they connect this to the next 2 songs Kiss kara hajimaru mystery and “Garasu no Shonen” which are also composed by the same man.


This is the song that Tsuyoshi wrote the lyrics during the “lockdown” period. Because the Japanese title meant “new era”, I kept linking back to the recent single release from SixTONES. LOL!

The lyrics really fit the current feelings and hope that we have for the future. Of course, it comes with a beautiful melody too.

“Atarashii jidai” music clip


They already did some funny cosplay during the X’mas event and with the sneak preview, we are anticipating some other cosplay during this concert too. Imagine our shock when they just showed the end roll credits after the performance of “Atarashii Jidai”. I think all the fans were doing KinKi! KinKi! KinKi! during the end roll, shouting for encore.


And so they did come out for one last song “Happy Happy Greeting” in some cosplay. Tsuyoshi was dressed as “rice cake” and Koichi was dressed as “mandarin orange”. I was laughing and tearing at the same time. Their cosplay sense reminded me that they were indeed from the Kansai region. In the end, they combined and became 鏡餅 (kagami mochi).

Super Big Thank You!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this concert. Thank you to KinKi Kids, the live band and orchestra and staff.

Online Ticket

The boys are such professional entertainers, with their good singing and humour. It really made me want to watch this live in person instead. Fingers crossed we can overcome this difficult period of time and get to share the same space and time together again!

Happy 2021 to EVERYONE!!!

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