KinKi Kids Amazing Love

Congrats to KinKi Kids Amazing Love single for clinching the top spot based on their first week of sales! This 45th single sold a total of 235,000 copies according to Oricon weekly single ranking.

KinKi Kids YouTube Channel

During the Osaka concert, KinKi Kids also announced that they are launching their own YouTube channel. Before this, they were already releasing some videos via Johnny’s Official and J Storm Official channels.

It was officially launched on 20 July 2022 at 11:50pm JST to countdown to their 25th debut anniversary with all fans. They live-streamed a 30-minute appearance from Tokyo Dome.

YouTube Live show

I was amused to see Koichi in a tuxedo while Tsuyoshi was in very casual comfortable clothes. Koichi asked the staff to prepare some numbers for their concert performances. Apparently, they have performed 497 shows from 1994 to the present, excluding the recent tour. This means that the upcoming Tokyo concert on 6 August 2022 will be the 500th show!

497 shows performed from 1994 to 2022

KinKi Kids Amazing Love -YouTube Original Live-

Having seen other Johnny’s artist channels, KinKi Kids channel is really different. The videos uploaded so far were live performances of their most recent single “Amazing Love” as well as their debut single “Garasu no Shonen”.

On top of that, as they did 16 commercials with one of the 25 yen campaigns, they also uploaded those CMs as well as the behind-the-scenes videos. Let’s hope they also do some games or other activities on their channel as well.

Living with KinKi Kids

Tuck away at a quiet corner of Shibuya

There is also a time-limited pop-up store “Living with KinKi Kids” at Shibuya, located close to PARCO shopping mall. It is a two-storey pop-up store, with the second floor as the “living room” concept, and the first floor as the shop.

I really enjoyed the concept of the “living room” with the BGM playing instrumental jazz-arranged KinKi Kids songs. You get to see some random scribbles of Tsuyoshi, as well as a huge signature of Koichi on the wall.

Back entrance of the store

There is no walk-in allowed so we had to make online reservation and come at the designated time. The staff will give instructions that no photos are allowed in the store except for a photo spot on the first floor, the number of items each person can purchase, etc.

The living room

They then led us to the second floor where we were greeted with a photo history of KinKi Kids from their early years to the present.

After this section, we then go to the “living room” where it resembles an IKEA showroom to me, but with a lot of related items of the boys, and a whole collection of their single and album jackets on the wall. I don’t think there is any time restriction on how long to stay in one area, but since we can sit around the sofas or chairs, I was just relaxing on this floor for some time.

The shop

The first floor is a shop concept where they were selling a selection of their singles, albums, and concert DVDs/Blu-rays, their current concert goods, photos, and pop-up store goods. They were also looping all the CMs of their music products from the past on the TV in one corner. It reminded me of the funny CMs they do for some albums and concert videos.

Just before we exit the shop, the staff will offer to take a photo of the visitors with the KinKi Kids cushion, so we could actually sit on the sofa and take this photo below.

Soft featuring KinKi Kids cushion

Shibuya promotion

July has been a busy month when there were many KinKi Kids related promotions given that it’s their 25th debut anniversary. Shibuya was practically flooded with their pictures and history.

Giant billboard at the Shibuya Metro subway


Tsutaya wins hands-down this time for the very extravagant promotion display for KinKi Kids Amazing Love, as well as their 25th anniversary. Basically, the first floor was decorated with KinKi Kids posters.

KinKi Kids Amazing Love booth
A full wall of music discography on the first floor
Posters everywhere

Tower Records

It was really on spot to see the entrance with “No Music, No Life” decorated with Tsuyoshi and Koichi posters on both pillars.

Sweet to see KinKi Kids lined up with Yoshida Takuro and Yamashita Tatsuro

This place was drastically different from the situation I encountered some weeks ago when I went to check out the Snow Man Orange Kiss promotion. It was flooded with fans, especially for Naniwa Danshi! I am glad that it was not as crowded this time.

Another booth on the 4th floor
Life-sized panel hidden in one corner on the 4th floor

4 versions of KinKi Kids Amazing Love

It’s been a long time since I bought all versions of their single, but the contents were too good to miss as written in my previous post. Especially for the Fanclub version which also includes a full version of their concert at Tokyo Dome on 1 Jan 2022. This concert is really there to listen to the grand piano and the boys’ voices. It’s amazing how a giant venue can feel so intimate and close with good music.

4 versions of Amazing Love

Surprise gift!

As if fans haven’t been spoilt enough, there was a surprise gift on the last day of July from the postman. It’s a 25th-anniversary gift from KinKi Kids Fanclub to thank the fans’ support. I was a little amused seeing the pair of very cute pink chopsticks. Fans were joking on Twitter that it resembles a wedding gift. LOL!

Surprise anniversary gift!

Thank you, Koichi and Tsuyoshi!

I can’t wait for the Tokyo shows this weekend! Keeping myself healthy and fingers crossed both boys will be healthy too!!!

See you soon!

Fans are now saying the seat between both boys is 神席. Note that they were seated in row 31, seats no. 10 and 12 at the extreme far end facing the centre. Fingers crossed(?!)

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