Johnny’s net Online

Johnny's Jimusho has launched a new website "Johnny's net Online" to cater to all these live online streaming concerts and stageplays.

With coronavirus cases exceeding 200 every day in Tokyo, it seems like our movements will stay restricted for quite a while. Considering that, Tokyo is also excluded from the “Go To Travel” campaign which will start from 22 July 2020.

Upcoming shows

There are some shows that will be resumed in August onwards, including Domoto Koichi’s Musical Knight’s Tale in Symphonic Concert, SixTones TrackOne Impact Concert Tour (the remaining shows), Sexy Zone Pop x Step!? Tour 2020, etc. However, I feel that there are still many unknown factors that may affect if the shows are going ahead or not.

Domoto Koichi’s Musical in August

Concert Guidelines

The agency came up with some concert guidelines to ensure the safety of the staff and audience, including health check, de-sanitation, wearing masks, ventilation, avoiding crowds, and contact tracing, etc.

To avoid crowds, they are moving all concert goods purchase online, so that you don’t have to line up at the concert venue to get your goods.

Concert Guidelines

Smile Up Shield

The staff will also distribute a face shield at the entrance, aptly named as “Smile Up Shield” for all audience. Frankly speaking, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to enjoy the concert when everyone is so geared up with masks and face shields. I think it will be quite an unusual sight.

New Initiative!

I’m actually more excited about this initiative they launched! In the comfort of our home with Internet access, we can watch all those online concerts!

Johnny’s Jimusho has launched a new website “Johnny’s net Online” to cater to all these live online streaming concerts and stageplays. You can also check out their official Twitter account (Japanese only) for the latest update.

The previous online concert streaming project “Johnny’s World Happy LIVE with YOU” seems to be a success. So, there will be another similar one called Johnny’s Dream IsLAND 2020→2025 coming up for the Kansai groups as well.

Some upcoming shows

Surviving in times of pandemic

In times like this, entertainment business is really trying to come up with creative ideas to help alleviate the everyone’s stress. I’ll be happy to support as long as it doesn’t hurt my health or bank.

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