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With the state of emergency lifted in Japan, many businesses are struggling to find new ways to engage with consumers.

Johnny’s Jimusho is no exception. They are already testing the market for online engagement with the fans, and with the weekly and daily updates from various social media channels, they have proven to rack up the number of viewership, likes, retweets, etc.

Upcoming online concert series!

We were already amazed at how they pulled off those consecutive 3-day online concert events involving various Johnny’s groups at the end of March 2020.

Featuring Sexy Zone, SixTones, HiHi Jets

Now they are going to broadcast another week of online concerts from 15 June 2020 to 21 June 2020! This time, it’s going to cost you 2,500JPY if you are a paying fanclub member of any Johnny’s groups OR 3,000JPY if you are a non-FC member.

6 consecutive concert party nights!

How does this work?

So the catch is the payment of 2,500JPY or 3,000JPY gives you access to a one-day ticket. If you happen to like a few groups and want to watch all of them, it means it will cost you maximum of 6 days x 2,500JPY = 15,000JPY or 6 days x 3,000JPY = 18,000 JPY. If you are lucky to get a couple of your favourite groups performing in the same day, then you probably just need to buy 1-2 days.

How to buy the ticket?

If you are a fanclub member, you can login to your own fanclub account to purchase the ticket.

2,500JPY for FC members

If you are a non-FC member, simply to go to this website, and click on the button “Johnny’s net Online“. There will be a list of upcoming online events that you can purchase in advance.

Click on the event to purchase

Day 1 featuring V6, Arashi, King & Prince

Do a device test run!

Do remember to run a test to make sure your device is able to play the short video before making the actual purchase. Once you click into the “Purchase 3,000JPY” button, you will need to enter an email address.

Run a test on your device first!

Non-FC members to register email

Enter an email address to register

I will assume the steps after you register for an email address is similar to that of FC members. Apologies if there are missing steps since I didn’t really try to register an email as a non-FC member.

Payments by credit card only

Payments can only be done via a credit card, and no other methods, so please make sure you have a credit card ready at hand!

Purchase page

Once you click on the “Purchase by credit card” button, it will bring you to the next page as below.

Double check the purchase contents

Next page will require you to enter all the credit card information.

Enter your credit card information

Once the purchase is done, you can click back into the event page on the day itself to watch your online concert!

Verification code

For non-FC members, you will probably get some verification code via your email that will require you to enter your email address and verification code as below.

For non-FC members

Repeat purchase for other days

Remember that you need to repeat the same steps of purchase for another day too, if you are looking to watch several Johnny’s groups performing on different days.

Device compatiblity

I am not 100% sure but there may be a restriction with trying to play the same day/video with a different device or several devices at the same time, so to play safe, please try to purchase the ticket using the device you will use to watch the online concert too.

Featuring KAT-TUN, A.B.C-Z, King & Prince

Tune in on 15 June 2020!

I’m just hoping whatever server they are using to host can handle the huge surge of traffic coming in! We can see how it goes when this starts from 15 June 2020, and for this day, it’s free of charge!

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