ENTA!2 4U.Zeppin de Show 2019

I went to the evening show on 13 December 2019 to see this popular show by 4U. It was a comeback due to the very good response from the same series they did last year in December.

Entrance of the concert hall
Flowers from the media

It was my first time going to Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Apparently, the seating capacity is a little over 1000 people. I had my seat on the backend of the first floor. Too bad it wasn’t the aisle seat because there were several chances to get really close to 4U.

There was a compulsory drink we have to buy when we enter the concert hall. It wasn’t cheap at 600 JPY, and I see there were many fans who bought beer. LOL! It’s kind of interesting for me to see fans drinking beer while watching concerts. I guess it’s the way they operate at Zepp.

One compulsory drink to buy

I had wanted to go there without any clue of what to expect from this live show, but couldn’t resist checking up on some fan reports just to make sure I’m prepared… As in knowing if I need to stand throughout or can sit down for some time, etc. Frankly speaking, it’s hard for older fans like me to stand throughout the whole show. 😛 I’m glad it was a good arrangement of having us to stand when they are singing and sitting at other parts.

Concert x Talk Show x Comedy Skit

View from my seat

It was a combination of live performances, talk show, and a crazy comedy skit. For 2 hours 10 minutes, it was a non-stop high-quality entertainment show from these boys. (I don’t know if I can still call them boys when they are all 33 years old now. LOL!)

Everything 4 You

They started with a live rap video to remind everyone to switch off their phones and get some warming up before starting with their first song “Everything 4 You” written by Kohei Dojima. Dojima-san is well-known for writing and producing songs for KinKi Kids too. 🙂 It’s a very catchy song with lyrics that fit 4U perfectly.

MC Time

After the first song, they went right into some MC time talking about the year-end party (bounenkai 忘年会). Fans were all surprised when Tatsumi mentioned that Zaki-san was the coordinator for the party they did last year. It was so funny because we know Zaki is the crazy one in the group, so even he acknowledged that himself and said at least he needs to make sure everything goes well for the year-end party.

Fuku-chan shared another episode that during Endless SHOCK 2018, when they finally almost finished the 2 months of long-run show, he gave Koshi and Zaki a bandana scarf each as a gift. They were both surprised since Fuku-chan seldom gives presents. Anyway, long story short, Zaki gave Fuku-chan a bag of Japanese tenugui towels, and among those towels is the same bandana that Fuku-chan gave. OOPS!

Talk Show with DAIGO

They invited a special guest for each show, and every show has a different guest. For our show tonight, it was DAIGO. It’s funny how Fuku-chan asked for a selfie photo with Daigo so that he can send it to Koichi. They did the same with Yoshio Inoue and sent the photo to Koichi previously, so 4U is trying to take photos with people who are on good terms with Koichi. Throughout the talk show, Fuku-chan kept trying to check for Koichi’s LINE reply but there was no reply since Koichi must be busy with the rehearsal for concerts that will happen this weekend. 😛

New pose for 4U.

4U revealed their usual pose of saying “Thank You Thank You Desu” to Daigo and Daigo who’s well-known for his “Wish” pose, helped to think of one for 4U. (It’s funny how Daigo knew about the “Thank you x2 desu” pose after learning from Aoki Genta, the NTV male announcer who’s a crazy Johnny’s fan) It turned out to be doing double peace sign with your hands crossing when saying “For” and then pointing with your right finger when saying “You”.

Return gift from 4U. to Daigo

Because Daigo gave 4U. his new CD album with signature, Fuku-chan decided to return their thanks with one of their concert goods – towel. Each of them signed on the towel on the parts that show their member colour. (FYI, Fuku-chan is green, Koshi is red, Tatsumi is yellow and Zaki is purple.) They then realised that the purple colour only takes a very small part of the towel… Poor Zaki.

Comedy Skit

This is basically like the highlight of the whole show, where they have this so-called suspense story with 4 characters. There is an escaping criminal, a high school girl, a detective, and a mother. For every show, they will draw lots to see who is going to play which character. I think we are really lucky to see the following roles being played in this arrangement. Fuku-chan – mother, Zaki – high school girl (this is the killer!), Koshi – detective and Tatsumi – criminal. There is a crazy storyline but I believe there is a lot of ad-lib parts too. Zaki is so full of comedy crap here, that even the other members laugh at some point. Without saying, the audience was also laughing non-stop. For me, I was at the point of tearing because their story and behaviour are too out of this world.

Two New Songs

After the crazy comedy skit, they switched back to the cool idol faces, performing 2 new songs – “Velvet Touch” (written by Koji Ide who has also written many other songs like Bonnie Butterfly for KinKi Kids, NEWS, ABC-Z, etc.) and “Scandalous” (lyrics by Tatsumi, rap lyrics by Zaki, choreography by Fuku-chan and costume design by Koshi)


Here comes another unique session for their live show where they receive requests from the special guest. For Daigo, he requested for “ZM” which stands for “Zepp Marathon” which is almost impossible so they improvised this to be a relay race between 2 groups for running on the first floor, up to the 2nd floor and then back to the first floor. Fuku-chan and Tatsumi were in one group, while Koshi and Zaki were in the other group. In the end, Koshi and Zaki won the race. They got some prize which is McDonald’s value card, but ended up giving this away to 2 young boys in the audience who had helped with this session.

Poster for ENTA!2

Thank you for your love

They sang another new song called “Thank you for your love” from their recent Winter Paradise concert as well as Tatsuro Yamashita’s famous Christmas song “Christmas Eve” as an early Xmas gift for the fans. I’m impressed they actually sang live and tried to harmonise too! 🙂 They did another 2 songs which I’m not aware of the titles for encore before saying goodbye to us.

They definitely live up to the name of the show “ENTA!” and I definitely had a very good time at the show! Thank you and Good luck to the boys for the rest of the shows in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Greeted by Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower when we left

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