4U Good Job Live 2022 (11/21 report)

Earlier this week, I attended the 4U Good Job Live 2022 concert (Full name: ふぉ〜ゆ〜 Good Job LIVE 2022 〜U.とYouで大丈夫さ〜) for the 21 Nov 2022 evening show. It was the first time I went to a full live concert for these boys, even though I have gone to their musicals and ENTA! shows.

4U Good Job Live 2022 has 2 shows in 1 day at NHK Hall

It was a brilliant 2-hour concert. Apparently, we were one of the first batches of audience allowed to cheer since the COVID-19 restrictions. It was funny how we had to practice cheering “Good job! Good job!” multiple times to make sure we were at the right level of volume.

By some luck, I felt happy to get tickets to attend this concert since I didn’t get to go to their 10th anniversary live show last year. To add to my surprise, we got really good seats for this show at NHK Hall! I wish I haven’t forgotten to check their concert goods, because their penlight was super cute and pretty!

Concert Setlist

  1. Rock the Show (4U new original song)
  2. S.O.D.A
  3. Only 1, NOT No. 1
  4. 大丈夫さ (including lecture on “Good job” cheer)
  5. GACHIx4 (Good job version)
  6. Gimmick Game/Ninomiya Kazunari (Koshioka solo)
  7. Calligraphy performance (BGM from Endless SHOCK) (Matsuzaki solo)
  8. Velvet Touch
  9. Scandalous
  10. マスカラ/SixTONES
  11. LIFE~目の前の無効へ~/Kanjani8
  12. どしゃぶりヒーロー…Alwaysふぉ~ゆ~
  13. はだかの王様~シブトクつよく/SMAP
  14. Jellyfish
  15. Haunted House
  16. Fight song
  17. H/A/P/P/Y/Domoto Tsuyoshi (Tatsumi solo)
  18. Love & Peace/TOKIO (Fukuda solo)
  19. DJ ZAKI corner
    愛しのナポリタン/Trio Za Shakin
    ひとりぼっちのハブラシ/Sakuraba Yuichiro
    空のスクリーン-rainbow in my soul-/Tackey & Tsubasa
  20. 夢のHollywood/Travis Japan
  21. KinKi Kids Medley
    欲望のレイン (Koshioka x Matsuzaki)
    いのちの最後のひとしずく (Tatsumi x Fukuda)
  22. わがまま
  23. Everything 4 You
  24. Thank you for your love


Since it’s been a long time since we were allowed to cheer, we did some practice saying “Good job! Good job!”. It’s funny how the boys asked us to cheer at a higher pitch, and it ended up really funny. I miss having to cheer and laugh at concerts. Applause and clapping were the substitutes for these 2 years until recently.

Solo Performances

Each of the boys has their own solo performances, and you can trust Zaki to come up with this idea of doing a calligraphy show, with the BGM of Endless SHOCK “Japanesque” part. I wonder if I can watch SHOCK again at that part seriously after being contaminated by this crazy performance.

FYI, the final artwork says 人間国宝 which literally means “Living Human Treasure”. Not sure if it has anything to do with Shori Sato (from Sexy Zone) who attended this show too. (Shori has this cute title of being the 顔面人間国宝, which basically means he’s super good-looking to this level of being a living human treasure)

Cover songs

They did quite a lot of cover songs in this concert, and I didn’t know some of them until I check Twitter later. Personally, I was surprised when they performed Mascara from SixTONES! It’s not an easy song to sing for sure, but they gave their best shot! Tatsumi did an English introduction before they performed Travis Japan – Yume no Hollywood and did a perfect impersonation up to the TJ pose. It was hilarious and I heard that Travis Japan members, except Noeru, attended the afternoon show. I was so curious about their reaction.

KinKi Kids Medley

I believe most of the 4U fans may also be KinKi Kids fans. Personally, we witnessed how 4U has back danced for KinKi Kids in a lot of shows, and also Koichi’s musicals. It was nice to see them put up a video collage of KinKi Kids concert snapshots with a good focus on 4U back dancing too. They did a really good job covering the songs with perfect original dance choreography.

Original Songs

Nothing beats hearing the boys’ original songs. While Everything 4 You is my all-time favourite 4U song, I also really enjoyed Jellyfish which I first watched this performance in ENTA! 4 last year.

10th-anniversary music video “Daijoubu sa”

MC Time

It’s funny how they decided to do the entire MC in a Japanese hot spring set up on the stage, complete with buckets and stools, and a big screen showing Mt. Fuji in the background. They were obviously looking at the fans’ uchiwas to see what was written, and also specially dedicated some time to respond to those requests written on the uchiwas.

It’s too bad that we don’t have any messages on uchiwas or penlights. But when they mentioned about male fans, my husband waved modestly and Fuku-chan caught that and mentioned that there was a reserved guy and imitated the wave too. I was so amused that my husband received an unexpected fan service, and he was grinning non-stop after that.

Thank you for your love

It was definitely apt to end the show with this final encore song Thank you for your love. They did their final speech to thank the fans and also promise to make us proud to be their fans and will stay together forever. Good luck with the rest of the shows in Nagoya and Osaka! I think they are selling tickets to the general public too and it’s definitely worth catching them in person!

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