Snow Mania S1 fever continues…

Snow Mania S1 fever continues with the album release. It was such a busy day yesterday with all the TV programs that Snow Man was appearing in. The best program was definitely NHK Shibuya Note. They sang a total of 6 songs after considering the requests and votes from fans. They performed in the order of HELLO HELLO, EVOLUTION, Sugar, Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat, Party!Party!Party!, ナミダの海を越えて行け.

I voted for Sugar after knowing that Hikaru did the choreography for the performance. The No. 1 voted song was Party!Party!Party! which was also choreographed by Hikaru. Well, I’m pretty sure if Cry out in the list, this will be the No. 1 voted song. Please release this soon!

Choreography by Hikaru Iwamoto

In fact, looking at the performance, 4 out of 6 songs were choreographed by Hikaru. It’s becoming his other title just by looking at the list of songs he has done choreography for. From the last time I took note of the list, it has already increased to a total of 18 songs. O.M.G.

IX Guys Snow Man
Vanishing Over
Snow Dream
Cry out
Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat
Snow World
Big Bang Sweet
YumYumYum~Spicy girl~
Sugar – NEW!
Infighter – NEW!
Addicted to Love – NEW!

Snow Mania S1 decorations

The day started with arriving at Shibuya subway station, near B7 exit, where they have put up a series of solo photos from previous artiste shots and messages in the connecting passageway. It was just before 10:00 in the morning but there were already fans lining up to take photos with their favourite boys. There were also security guards to control the traffic.

Snow Mania S1 promotion at Shibuya subway station


Tsutaya opens at 10:00 so it’s great that I could enter and take all the photos they have put up on the first floor. There were obviously many other fans who were taking photos all around as well as lining up to take photos with the special panel.

Entrance of Shibuya Tsutaya
Snow Mania S1 galore
Overloaded with posters
The usual booth
The special panel of Snow Mania S1

Treasure Hunt of Snow Man

The concept of the Snow Mania S1 album came with this idea of a “treasure box”, so it’s fun that Tsutaya came up with a treasure hunt concept too. Basically, on each floor of Tsutaya, they have hidden the life-sized panel of each Snow Man member (Grandeur version), so fans were also visiting all floors to search for these panels. I went to the 6th floor which is the bookstore to catch a glimpse of the magazine corner.

Datesama found on the stairs to the 7th floor
Fukka on the 6th floor looking good with his anan solo cover!
Koji on the 5th floor, the Blu-ray/DVD rental floor
Sakuma at the area of anime on the 4th floor
Abe-chan hid in a corner on the 3rd floor
Shoppi on the 2nd floor just near the cafe rest area
Raul on the 1st floor near the special panel corner
Me-Me at B1 comic books floor
Hikaru posing at an obvious spot on the B2 floor

Shibuya Tower Records

After spending 30 minutes in Tsutaya, I decided to move to Tower Records. They only open at 11:00 but there was already a line outside the entrance for those who wanted to take photos with the special life-size panel for Snow Mania S1.

Greeted by Snow Mania S1 booth right from the main entrance

Each group was given 1 minute to take photos or videos of the panel. I thought they were too generous to give 1 minute. Seriously they can just give 30 seconds or less, looking at the line behind. I read on Twitter that some fans queued for 2 hours for this?! Really?!

The life-size panel of Snow Mania S1

Half of the area on the 4th floor of Tower Records is occupied by Johnny’s merchandise, so it’s natural that they have the Snow Mania S1 booth in a very prominent spot. Usually, if I find that there are fans standing around the booth, I’ll just walk around to look at other parts before coming back to take a photo with any obstruction.

The booth set up on the 4th floor

Snow Nichijou Renewal

Starting from 1 October 2021, there was a renewal on Snow Man Johnny’s Web blog corner, Snow Nichijou. Snow Man used to update their blog on specific days going by every count of 3, starting from 3rd of the month to ending on 27th of the month. I’m really happy that they incorporated the avatars created for the album this time as well. I’m sure soon they may have some merchandise for these cute avatars, like what King & Prince has.

Renewal of Snow Nichijou

With this renewal, the members are now free to update whenever they have something to share with fans. It only means that fans will only get busier because I used to standby on the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 27th of the month to get an update from each member. Now, it will be random and I think we probably can check more often for updates.

It’s funny how Me-Me was saying he hasn’t decided how often to update, and then immediately the next day, he updated and said now he will just update as he likes because he used to take memos of what he wants to update once a month. His blog contents are usually super long because it’s once a month. I guess now it will be shorter. Personally, I look forward to more photos from our dear PhotoBoy (aka Koji) too.

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