SixTones vs Snow Man Week

1 more week to Debut!

It’s one more week to the debut of these 2 Johnny’s idol groups! They have been appearing in many music shows and variety shows for the past couple of weeks.

Donald Takeshi?!

My favourite is definitely this TV program called “Shabekuri 007” where both groups appeared as guests, and get to show off their unique characteristics. I think we all had a good laugh when Jesse did an impersonation of Donald Duck x Beat Takeshi (a Japanese comedian).

I wasn’t really paying attention to Snow Man but interestingly, their individual characters stand out too. I just kept thinking they remind me of Korean boybands, probably because of their dance style and acrobatic performance.

Giant posters at Shibuya

I passed by Shibuya today after finishing work this evening and saw this gigantic poster at Shibuya Mark City.


There were a lot of fangirls around the area taking photos of their favourite members. My favourite member is him – Jesse!

Jesse’s poster

I guess it’s no longer rare to find the younger idols nowadays getting taller. Jesse at 184cm is not the tallest. Apparently, Raul (from Snow Man) is the tallest at 185cm despite being the youngest in the group. He’s sixteen years old! (OMG)

Sugao 4 (SixTones version)

While waiting for their debut CD next week, in the meantime, I was enjoying my Sugao 4 (SixTones version) DVD last week. I really enjoyed watching their performances, especially when they can sing and dance really well. Too bad RAM-PAM-PAM was not included…

Sugao 4 DVD (SixTones version)

Unfortunately, this is a limited edition item which I ordered immediately last year when I knew they were going to release SixTones version. The only version they are selling to the public now is the Sugao 4 (Johnny’s Jr. version) and even this is on sale until 31 March 2020, so those interested should order fast!

Imitation Rain

Every day, it’s just constant looping of the Youtube video and I can’t wait to listen to the full version! You can hear some parts which are not included in this music video, in the “Making” video.

Imitation Rain MV (Youtube ver.)


And of course, the very dynamic performance from Snow Man as well! I love the other video they uploaded to teach us some of the dance moves.

D.D. MV (Youtube ver.)

Both groups will be appearing in more TV shows this week leading up to next week! In case you will like to check the shows, here’s the list for SixTones and Snow Man. I just hope I didn’t miss out on booking any of the TV recordings. Time to clean up my HDD too!

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