Remaining Johnny’s Shows Cancelled in 2020

Johnny’s Jimusho has just announced that they will be cancelling all major shows until the end of 2020. These shows will be moved to online screening method, with details to be announced on Johnny’s Net at a later date.

Johnny & Associates

Considering the COVID-19 situation in Japan, it’s great to hear that the agency taking precautions and making a bold move to cancel all “physical” face-to-face shows. There has been continuous report of cases and advice from local governments to reduce human travel across regions. So if the concerts continue, we can imagine the fans travelling around to attend these shows.

Some affected groups include Sexy Zone, Johnny’s WEST, King & Prince, Snow Man, etc.

I’m just wondering if they can offer the viewing to all fans whether or not they won the ticket ballot, or only those who won the ticket ballot will get the chance to watch the online shows. I’m having my fingers crossed for the former because it doesn’t make sense if they even want to restrict the attendance for online viewing.

In any case, safety and health first! Especially, when there’s been a recent announcement that Kei Inoue from Hey! Say! JUMP has contracted COVID-19 too. Wishing him a speedy recovery, and the rest of the members to stay safe!

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