New Inner Wear for Men

Japan is well-known for interesting products.

Just go to Tokyu Hands, and you can find tons of funny gifts, cute functional stationery and beauty related products. While we get a lot of information via online sources nowadays, you can still find new trends or product information coming via TV sources.

Imagine my shock when I see this…

Nipple Covers for Men!

Sales went up thrice for these nipple covers between May and September

But I did a quick Google and found similar products… maybe the guys around me weren’t that conscious about this, or I didn’t bother much.

Anyhow it seems like some online research targeting women aged 20-34 year old was done, asking them what they find NG about men’s appearance in summer.

Ranking 1-5 for Online Research about Men’s Appearance

Here’s what the ranking says.

  1. Wearing shirts which you can see the nipples
  2. Wearing shirts which you can see the sweat
  3. Wearing tight T-shirts
  4. Wearing shirts without an inner shirt
  5. Wearing perfume of strong scent

Considering this very important result that close to 60% of the surveyed ladies said no wearing shirts that show your nipples, companies are quick to invent this inner wear which will help to cover yourself.

Special inner wear

And then of course you think, can this really hide my nipples?

Of course, they need to show you the comparison

Comparison between normal inner wear and the special inner wear

Try selling this in Singapore and the uncles will all tell you it’s too hot to wear so many layers. Be glad uncle is already wearing a shirt okay! Go to some places and you will find uncles showing off their “one-pack” or go topless…

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