Koichi Domoto SMGO 7/29

It’s rare to see Koichi Domoto SMGO updated on Johnny’s web, so it’s even rarer when you get him updating the second time on the same day, at 11:00pm Japan time. It’s a paid blog service only available via mobile app, so the contents are not public.

Angry words

It’s not a pleasant update, with Koichi calling these people stupid and disgusting. But I think some people have to hear it explicitly to understand how it’s seriously a nuisance to the person you adore. Fans who stalk the idol’s every movement, taking the same train, plane, and other public transport. In the past, there have already been warnings from the agency asking fans to stop such behaviour. It causes fear to the idols and a lot of nuisance to the general public and causing delays in public transport when fans gather and hold up the pavement, etc.

Social Distance

Plus in the times of COVID-19, we are supposed to keep a safe distance from one another. God knows what is going on in the mind of such people when they tried to sit next to Koichi, eating and drinking. Poor Koichi was already trying to make sure he doesn’t expose himself to any slight chance to contract the virus, so no food/water in his flight to reduce even a chance of removing his mask. With people like this, he felt like his efforts are going to waste. It’s also no wonder the number of COVID cases are increasing recently.

Stalker fans

I guess most fans will follow rules and behave well. Koichi is well-known for giving no fan service, so he doesn’t respond to people who wait outside the concert venue or theatre for his entrance before the show or departure after the show. I’m actually very surprised that he also has stalker fans. I will imagine his fans are older and more mature, and maybe this kind of stalking behaviour is more common among the younger groups. But probably such fans exist throughout all Johnny’s groups and age levels. I feel sad that the idols themselves have to voice out and plead to stop such behaviour directly. Please don’t regard such people as fans. They are just one step away from being criminals. I guess as long as there is no huge physical harm, the police can’t do anything too.

Remaining shows

He’s in Osaka from today to this weekend for the last remaining shows of his solo concert tour. I’ll be tuning in to the last show in Fukuoka via the online broadcast. All the best to Koichi and everyone involved in the concerts!!! Stay safe and SMGO!!!

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