Koichi Domoto Live Tour 2021 PLAYFUL 8/12 in Fukuoka

Congrats to Koichi and the cast for finishing the entire concert tour “Koichi Domoto Live Tour 2021 PLAYFUL” in Fukuoka today! It was really great that we get to share the same moments with Koichi for this last show. I’m so glad for this decision that he announced during the 7/25 show in Yokohama Arena.

Koichi Domoto Live Tour 2021 PLAYFUL


The shock came when Koichi shared on his Instagram as well as his own SMGO blog via Johnny’s web that Yoshie-san tested positive for her PCR test and couldn’t join for the last leg of this concert tour. I read the fans’ report that in the 8/11 show, Koichi gave her a call during MC on the stage, to have the fans sent her some applause. It seems like she cried too. Awww…. *hugs*

I thought it was so cute when Koichi mentioned during the MC time today that Yoshie-san bought the online broadcast ticket too. Koichi said that she doesn’t have to buy because he can share the password with her. LOL!

Because of Yoshie-san’s absence, other dancers have to re-adjust some of the dance formations. For the performance MUTUAL, Yoshie-san did free dance here, and another dancer stood in her place.

Instagram Live

Because of the situation yesterday, Koichi also had a last-minute Instagram Live for 30-40 minutes from 22:30 JST on 11 August 2021. It was just a coincidence that I saw the announcement via his Instagram story and tuned into this live chat.

Koichi had finished his dinner which he got take-out from his favourite place in Fukuoka. He didn’t share which kind of food or restaurant it is. Initially, he wanted to have this live chat while having his dinner but thought he couldn’t eat in peace, so he changed his mind.

Comments Off

We were all dying to send him comments, but his Instagram settings do not allow comments from the general followers. Throughout Instagram Live, he was fumbling with the settings to turn on the comments. We were all trying to share with him some instructions via the question box but he couldn’t figure it out. There were super cute moments when he’s switching between the standard Tokyo dialect and Kansai dialect.

Upcoming work

Koichi was complaining about the increase in lines for Knight’s Tales, showing us the book he received. He also mentioned that after the rehearsal for Knight’s Tales, he will go to the rehearsal for Dream Boys as he’s in charge of the production this year too. He praised the 2 lead actors, Fuma Kikuchi (Sexy Zone) and Juri Tanaka (SixTONES), for being very professional despite the very tight schedule. He went like “Ohhh… this is Sexy Zone…”

Relaxed rules

Koichi shared some rules Johnny’s agency has for their artists, for example, they cannot follow other Instagram users outside of the agency unless they follow him first. Or no sharing of photos or videos taken with other non-Johnnys members. Koichi was very puzzled by this rule, but understand it was to protect them too. However, it seems like recently the agency relaxed some of these rules, and they will be able to share contents that include other non-Johnny’s members. With this, Koichi mentions that he might share the rehearsal video of Tik Tik Tik.

“Tik Tik Tik” (Dance ver.) from PLAYFUL

One-to-one chat

The whole live chat session was like a private chat with boyfriend Koichi, because he’s so relaxed, with no make-up, looking so pretty with a sleepy tone.

Before he left, he mentioned that he has to return to work, to check the video taken for 8/11 show so that he can prepare for the 8/12 show as this is going to be an online broadcast. Since he’s also heavily involved in the production of his own solo concert stage, he has some specific requirements for the camera angles, etc. At this point, I think his viewers are like ??? If he has to stop his Instagram Live and return to work, so this means the Instalive is a private facetime chat! I think many fans were not able to sleep or could have very good dreams last night. LOL!

41-minute MC time

Anyway, back to the last show, he was talking a lot today, with some very serious topics about COVID, etc. but also some cute moments.

It’s so funny when he was almost going to talk dirty when he asked the audience if they prefer him to say those cheesy lines in the dark or see his face clearly for the performance of I Want Your Love. He thinks it’s more erotic in the dark, and had to stop himself from going further because he recalled that there may be little kids watching the online broadcast.

He was also asking why his fans have such high level of endurance because it’s been 6 years since his last solo concert tour. With so many younger Johnny’s groups recently, he’s also surprised that his fans don’t shift to other groups. He did some funny mic imitations from other group members who tend to act cool with the way they hold their mic.

Digital release

Koichi shared the news that his latest album PLAYFUL will be available on online streaming sites. Finally, Johnny’s Jimusho is relaxing their rules and allow more opportunities to expose the general public to Johnny’s groups’ songs. Koichi was also sharing how he’s making sure of these online streaming sites to review his old solo songs. This was how he was reminded of the song 追憶の雨 and decided to sing this for the concert this time. He did a naughty impersonation of Beverly Maeda because the melody of this song is usually sung by her and Tatsuya Ueda in Endless SHOCK.

Entertainer Koichi

Anyway, at the end of the MC, he asked the fans to stay with him for a little longer. Although he mentioned at some media interview that this may be his last solo concert tour, he’s having second thoughts now. The way he produced the concert tour this time is within a lot of COVID restriction. So he is thinking if not for COVID, he may have produced this concert differently with more side stages, and even included the performance for Day by Day. He revealed that that band members have actually rehearsed for this song but he’s not going to perform this even though it’s the last show. So cheeky! He even suggested that there may be a PLAYFUL version 2 concert next time when we overcome this COVID situation.

Best Performance

After watching this online broadcast, personally, the best performance goes to Deep in your heart. The design of the stage was so brilliant, a clever hologram collaboration between 2006 Koichi and current Koichi. With the online broadcast, I could also finally enjoy the view from the main stage as the way to see the performance perfectly.


I will like to send big applause to Koichi, the cast, and the staff involved to make this concert happen. It’s not travelling around the different regions for a concert tour, with all the stage setup. With the COVID situation, everyone is going through the PCR test every time even they travel too. It’s physically and mentally exhausting, but I’m happy this tour happened and was a successful wrap!

My next stop will be in Imperial Theater for Knight’s Tale! All the best to Koichi in this crazy schedule. Stay safe and take good care!

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