KinKi Kids Concert 2019-2020

It was randomly announced during a live radio show a couple of weeks ago when Koichi just burst out saying KinKi will have winter concerts this year.

It was not the first time Koichi exposed “secrets” like this during live performances or shows. I guess at his “rank”, he can afford to do this without getting scolded. 😛

ThanKs 2 YOU indeed!

Concert Details

Tokyo Dome
14 December (Sat) : 18:00
15 December (Sun) : 17:00

Osaka Kyocera Dome
31 December (Tue) : 22:30
1 January (Wed) : 17:00

What?! Only 4 shows?

KinKi didn’t have any concerts together last year end, and there were only solo acts like Endless SHOCK by Koichi and solo concerts by Tsuyoshi this year. How can they just arrange 4 shows? Imagine the ticket battle… Plus the 31/12 show is a countdown concert. I am not sure about the others, but I think I’m too old to endure attending countdown concerts now.

Digital Ticket

For the first time, they are going to arrange digital tickets via QR codes, which means there will be no paper tickets to keep as memorial… but only a flimsy piece of receipt when you scan your QR code at the entrance gate. Plus you will not know your seat until the day itself. I wonder if this will be too high tech for KinKi fans… especially when a significant number of fans are probably older than the boys themselves.

Fingers and toes crossed!

Anyway, I can just pray that I can get the only show I can apply for… Please help to pray together. LOL!


  1. So happy to come across your blog. I think you are living the life I have dreamed of. In 2009 I also wanted to move to Japan Tokyo but life led me to China instead. I’m a Kinki kids fan for many years but never got the chance to see their concerts. (How to get their tickets???) hope u get the tickets and share the show highlights in your blog. I bookmarked your page already. A fellow Singaporean Chinese.

    • Hello! Thanks for reading and always nice to find a fellow Singaporean who is also into KinKi Kids! I’ll be attending a show for their winter concert next month so definitely looking forward and I’ll share some highlights for sure! 🙂

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