King & Prince – Pop Icons of the Year

It was announced earlier this week that King & Prince was given the “Pop Icons of the Year” award under “GQ Men of the Year” awards.

Receiving the award

Big congratulations on winning this award!

Kishi-kun trying very hard to make his speech
Comments from King & Prince for this award

Luxury brand sponsors

Looking at the clothes they wore to the award ceremony, they are all obviously luxury brands. Very handsome indeed…

Men in Black

Sho : Coat 1,515,000JPY, Jacket 224,000JPY (Louis Vuitton), Necklace 810,000JPY (Tiffany & Co.)
Kaito : Coat 340,000JPY, Sweater 45,000JPY (Emporio Armani), Necklace 53,000JPY (Tiffany & Co.)
Ren : Coat 405,000JPY, Shirt 105,000JPY (Saint Laurent)
Jin : Coat 407,000JPY, T-Shirt 51,000, Pants 102,000 (VERSACE), Necklace 1,800,000JYPY (Tiffany & Co.)
Kishi : Coat 232,000JPY, T-Shirt 28,000 (Neil Barrett), Necklace 1,890,000JPY (Tiffany & Co.)

Jan/Feb issue of GQ Magazine

With this, they will also be featured on the special edition of the GQ magazine for Jan/Feb issue.

GQ magazine Jan/Feb issue
King & Prince version

Fanclub X’mas message video

I received an email informing that there’s a Christmas video message from the boys. So I went to check out what this message is about. Imagine my surprise when I see what they are wearing…

Merry Christmas!!!

WOW! What are they wearing?

From the luxury brands, now they are dressed in these super ugly and tacky Christmas sweaters. I wonder where the stylists bought them. You have to give it to them for pulling off the style of luxury clothes and also super ugly clothes. LOL!

In the midst of the guessing game

Anyway except for those horrible sweaters, they did some game where Kishi-kun is selected to be blindfolded, and he has to guess who hugged him in sequence. It was really funny to watch the part when they tried to confuse Kishi-kun… 😛

As for KinKi Kids…

Our dear old boys have a very different sense of humour, in the way of sending their message as usual. But this is what happens after 20 years, and we are so used to their super low tension.

Message from KinKi Kids

They ended up with some advice for us to watch King & Prince DVD at home for Christmas. (Thank you…!?)

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