From 15th to 21st June, it’s been a full week of online concert viewing. I didn’t manage to purchase and view all but still got to see some of my favourite groups. I can only say it’s definitely worth more than 2,500 JPY per night to watch 3 groups at the same time, especially for me on the last day where I have KinKi Kids, SixTones, Snow Man on the same night.

For my own record purpose, I’m jotting down the setlist and also some favourite scenes.

King & Prince

Cinderella Girl
Prince Princess (Prince)
Mazy Night
Love Paradox
King & Prince, Queen & Princess

There is a funny scene where there is some eye contact between Kishi-kun and Sho during Koi-wazurai. Kishi-kun was pointing at Sho while singing, and Sho reacted by saying “scary scary!”

New song – Mazy Night

I quite enjoy their new song too, and it’s refreshing to see them perform this number with their old set of stage costumes instead of the new set meant for this song.

Mazy Night MV


Hikaru, Kizashi
Kono Hoshi no HIKARI
Imitation Rain

Basically, SixTones started off with a concert favourite – Hysteria, followed by all the familiar numbers. It’s a little R-rated whenever they perform RAM-PAM-PAM.


SixTones also performed their new song, NAVIGATOR. It’s the first time I see the performance, and it’s really cool!

NAVIGATOR MV (Youtube Ver.)

Snow Man

Cry out
Snow World
Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat

Unfortunately, Hikaru-kun is still on hiatus since the end of March due to a past incident. Fans are seriously hoping he will return to the screen and stage soon with the rest of the members. But the setlist this time really shows a lot of Hikaru-kun LOVE with “Cry out”, “Snow World” and “Crazy F-R-E-S-H Beat” being choreographed by him.

CFB Dance Video

No Social Distancing

If you have watched the past videos of Snow Man which I highlighted in a previous post, you will notice that this group has a lot of members with no sense of social distancing so you can imagine how painful this period is for these boys.


I first heard this song as a CM song from Dior Addict x Raul. It was catchy and modern. They sing this song entirely in English, and I thoroughly enjoy the dance which I believe they tried to implement some elements of “make-up” as you can see below.


SixTones x Snow Man Collaboration

I think this is probably one of the highlights to see both groups performing together again on the same stage.

Fire Storm
Lock on!

Amazing!!!!! was truly AMAZING!

Sorry for the bad pun but my jaws dropped open when they decided to perform this number together. I can’t believe they arrange such good positioning of the 3 boys with the longest legs in the centre.

A 2018 performance of Amazing!!!!!!

KinKi Kids

You leave the best for the last. It’s pretty obvious that fans need to cool down after watching the latest debut groups. The song selection with the lyrics could not be more apt for this difficult situation that many of us are facing now.

Family〜Hitotsu ni naru koto
Boku no Senaka niwa Hane ga aru
Zenbu Dakishimete
Hey! Minna genki kai?
YOU…~Thanks 2 YOU~

YOU ~Thanks 2 U~

They ended off with this song written by Tsuyoshi, originally meant to be dedicated to the friendship between the two, rediscovered during the death of Johnny-san. They selected this song hoping to send a message of encouragement to all who are coping with this “new normal” due to the coronavirus situation.

I’m glad they sang this song instead of “KANZAI BOYA”, even though I don’t mind if they decided to make some jokes with this funny number.

Nope, they didn’t sing this song.

Final Note

All in all, it was a very well-prepared concert program across the week, and I think even if they don’t put 3 groups in a night, fans will be purchasing the tickets to watch all their favourite groups. I wish the day we can attend those concerts again in person will come soon, but for now, I’m happy with the online concerts too, because this means all international fans can get to enjoy their performances in this new format!

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