Johnny’s Shows Cancellation due to COVID-19

The coronavirus situation is getting worse in Japan, and everyone has been monitoring the situation closely these couple of weeks. It was kind of expected that events that will attract crowds will be postponed or cancelled. It is the first time I see such a great scale of cancellation happening for Johnny’s Jimusho, but I think it’s probably the same for other event organisers.

Shows are cancelled for 2 weeks.

ARASHI shows in Beijing

It already announced on 17th February 2020 that the ARASHI shows will be cancelled in Beijing considering the coronavirus situation in China.

SixTones / Snow Man “Special Event”

Originally, they have planned to hold special events in February-March with the fans who were lucky to win the ballots. I applied for the Tokyo event, meant to be held on 15th February 2020, but they also decided to postpone the events.

Other concerts and events

Gradually on 25th and 27th February 2020, the agency also made announcements on the shows that will be cancelled or postponed.

SixTones: TrackONE -IMPACT-
29 Feb – 1 Mar Shizuoka shows are shifted to 15 Apr – 17 Apr.

7 Mar – 8 Mar Miyagi shows are shifted to 27 – 28 May.

ARASHI Exhibition “Journey”
The event will be cancelled from 27 Feb – 9 Mar.

〇〇な人の末路 (Kis-My-Ft2)
28 Feb – 8 Mar shows are cancelled.

Endless SHOCK 20th Anniversary (Domoto Koichi, Tatsuya Ueda, etc.)
28 Feb – 10 Mar shows are cancelled.

偽義経冥界歌 (Toma Ikuta, Yuma Nakayama)
28 Feb – 10 Mar shows are cancelled.

八つ墓村 (Ryuta Muro)
28 Feb – 3 Mar shows are cancelled.

僕らAぇ!groupがbrakeしそうですねん?! (Aぇ!group)
4 Mar – 10 Mar shows are cancelled.

泣くロミオと怒るジュリエット (Akito Kiriyama)
28 Feb – 4 Mar shows are cancelled.

FORTUNE (Go Morita)
28 Feb – 1 Mar shows are cancelled.

Response from fans

I was browsing through Twitter to look at some response from fans. It’s obvious that there will be much disappointment but more than that, I think many were mature enough to understand the situation and also appreciate that the agency is trying their best to limit the possibility of wider human-to-human spread of the virus.

Personally, I cannot imagine if they still go on with all these shows because it really puts everyone including the audience, staff and cast in exposure danger. From last week, I read about how the audience were all in masks while watching Endless SHOCK. Even though it was the best they can do at that point, it’s scary to know the cast will be exposed to a large number of people (at least 2,000 people) packed in the same space for 2-3 hours for each show.

As the organiser, it must be difficult to make the decision to cancel or postpone, but this is the best decision to ensure the virus doesn’t spread further. In another meaning, even though the “show cannot go on” for 2 weeks, but in the longer run, this is the SMGO spirit!

Let’s get over this together!

The best we can do as an individual is to continue to maintain good personal hygiene habits. I’m been travelling between Japan and Singapore these couple of weeks, which probably gave me higher exposure to different strangers. I can only make sure I have my hands cleaned with water and soap at regular intervals, refrain from touching my face, have my mask on at times especially in enclosed spaces, avoid crowds, etc. At the same time, I try to make sure I eat well, rest well and take my vitamins to keep my immune system strong.

Fingers crossed that this situation will be over soon, and we can get back to the normal lives soon!

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