Virtual Waiting in Line

One of the hot topics in Japan nowadays is about Tokyo 2020. 

Since Tokyo was selected as the host city for 2020 Summer Olympics, I have seen some big improvements around Tokyo. Signboards are updated in English and other major languages, especially around public transportation services. 

I’m starting to notice from April this year onwards, there are train announcements in English. And I’m not referring to the pre-recorded announcements, but the drivers are actually speaking in English. Good efforts there! 

For cash-obsessed Japan, more services are gearing up for cashless payments like PayPay.

Today was the day when we can check if we got the tickets applied for the Tokyo Olympics Games next year. 

It was already a surprise to me when I realised that I had to wait 30 minutes on the same Internet page to apply for my tickets some weeks ago. 
Imagine my surprise again when I had to spend 3 hours this morning in a virtual line.

Virtual me waiting with 1188429 people in front

Are you serious?

Is there someone in the backend of the system trying to sort out the ballots manually that it will take 3 hours to know if I got the ballot or not?
It beats having to physically stand in line at the shop right?

Look how far the virtual me has progressed!

Patience, people!

11 more mins, virtual me is half dead.

Finally! 1 min left!

Virtual me ganbatta!

Poof! The page disappeared and I was brought back to the homepage where I had to login. I was so afraid I have to wait in line again, but fortunately no.

Failed application

The results are disappointing. I lost my ballots for the opening and closing ceremonies.

Failed ballot results…

Better luck next time! But hopefully, they can also upgrade the system so that we don’t have to wait in a virtual line, please. 

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