SixTones’ CD Debut in 2020!

It’s funny how my last post ended with hoping for SixTones to have a CD debut and then 2 weeks later, an announcement was made that SixTones will have a CD debut in 2020, together with another group called SnowMan!

Announcement in Tokyo Dome

They made this announcement on 8 August 2019, when Johnny’s Jr. had a concert in Tokyo Dome. Those lucky fans who get to witness this historic moment when finally they can debut!


I have fond memories of watching those VCDs (yes you are right – VCDs!!!) of Sugao 1, 2, 3 which are all Johnny’s Jr. concerts. Imagine my joy when I know they will also release this 8.8 concert as Sugao 4! The last video was released like in 2001! OMG… 19 years?! I love it that Tackey is trying to rebuild all the “glory” for Johnny’s Jr.

A video clip from Sugao 3, featuring Tackey & Tsubasa before they debut!

According to reports, the decision was made between Johnny-san and Tackey on 16 June 2019, 2 days before Johnny-san was hospitalised. And on 28 June, both groups were gathered in the hopsital and shared this news in the presence of Johnny-san.

Different music labels

Anyway, SixTones will debut under the music label of Sony Music while SnowMan is under avex. Frankly speaking, SixTones have enough original songs to release an album. 

List of original songs

According to Wikipedia, this is the list of original songs.
Beautiful Life
Night Train
MR. ズドン

SixTones has also graduated from the Johnny’s Jr Youtube channel, and now has their own artist channel.

Japonica Style (English version)

Imagine my surprise when the official SixTones channel uploaded the below video that totally looks like a fancam. Those days when we have to resort to 密録 to see all those concert live performances… LOL

Totally looks like a fancam video…

Instagram account

On top of that, they also have their own official Instagram account! It’s great to see them trying out social media to share more of their updates online and also connect with the fans via digital means.

One of my favourite videos – Japonica Style (dance version)

Lots of happy fangirling to do and still hope to see them performing live one day! In the meantime, I’ll just keep looping those Shonen Club performances.

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