SixTones and Snow Man 1.22 Debut

Finally, after being announced on 8th August in Tokyo Dome last year, the long awaited debut day has come for both groups. Fans were getting emotional because they are no longer listed under Johnny’s Jr. 

Right from this morning, both groups did their first performances live on the morning show, ZIP! And I think I was amazed at how Taiga can sing his high tone part and also how Snow Man did their acrobatic dance performance. I was still half sleeping then. LOL

They will be appearing in various TV programs this week so as usual, I have to make sure my HDD has enough space. 

The giant billboard at Shibuya station

CDs were sold out!

I made a trip down to Shibuya TSUTAYA on this day to witness the heat of this celebration! It was crazy that there were no CDs left on the shelves for SixTones!

No CDs left!
The other entrance at Tsutaya
Posters at Shibuya Tsutaya

Rushing to Tower Records…

Because there are no CDs left in Tsutaya, I have to rush to Tower Records to try my luck!

Entrance of Tower Records

I had to squeeze through the crowds of fangirls to get to the CD corners… and surprised to find 2 CDs (with Snow Man version) left! *lucky!*

The SixTones and Snow Man CD corners
Err… the long queue to cashier

But there was a long line to the cashier. OMG! Luckily after 10 minutes in the queue, the staff came over and ask each customer if they have any pre-order items to pick up as well. As I didn’t have any, he directed me to the third floor to make the payment, where there is no line!

The cashier issued a special receipt to mark this special day, and also gave a B5 clear folder as a little gift too. Sweet!

Giant board inside Tower Records

On my way back home, there was also a giant billboard to promote SixTones calendar.

Congratulations on the CD debut again!

Fingers crossed for the special event to be held on 15th Feb in Tokyo!

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