King & Prince CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~L&~ 10/11 Report

King & Prince held their online concert shows over the last weekend, with 5 shows in total from 9 October to 11 October. I managed to purchase my ticket for the last show and was of course watching the whole concert from the comforts of my room.

Online Ticket

Concert Set List

  1. ゴールデンアワー
  2. Love Paradox
  3. シンデレラガール
  4. We are King & Prince!
  5. Super Duper Crazy
  6. &LOVE (Clothes-changing scene)
  7. Break Away
  8. Naughty Girl
    Solo Dance Corner
  9. Funk it up
  10. 生活(仮)
  11. Amazing Romance
  12. Key of Heart
  13. koi-wazurai
  14. Wash Your Hands (with Johnny’s Jr)
  15. 今君に伝えたいこと
  16. Bounce
  17. ナミウテココロ
  18. Freak out
  19. 3秒笑って(Johnny’s Jr)
  20. スターライダー(Johnny’s Jr)
    Short Skit (キュンキュンゲーム)
  21. ORESEN
  22. Full Time lover
  23. 宙(SORA)
  24. No Limit Tonight
  26. Mazy Night
    Video (with messages from King & Prince)
  27. Focus
  28. Laugh&
  29. 君がいる世界
    Ending Credits (backstage scenes, etc. )
    Ending words (Fanclub-limited part)
  30. King & Prince, Queen & Princess (Fanclub-limited performance)

MVP: Jiguzawa Rui

Jin totally killed me in his funny impersonation of Hanazawa Rui (famous character from Hana yori Dango). His public image is the “national boyfriend”, but in the short skit, his goofiness destroyed this image so well, and even now I feel haunted by his costume + character.


This is a beautiful ballad that I like when they performed it on Shonen Club last year. Unfortunately, with the short skit costumes, they totally destroyed the feel of this song. It was an “emotionally disturbing” (kidding!) performance, with me being visually confused at Jin’s legs, Kishi’s very 70’s loud costume, Sho’s atheltic look, Kaito’s Indian costume and Ren’s student look. In normal times, I think we should be going “awww~~” at the song.

My Thoughts on Online Concerts

I have just watched another online show the other day for “Endless SHOCK -Eternal-“ and also from the previous concert shows from Johnny’s so I kind of have some ideas of what to expect.

With this concert, I realise there were multiple sound issues, and little funny episodes (forgetting lyrics + Kishi being too funny that Sho cannot sing, Kishi introducing the last encore song as Queen&Joker… what!) that really adds to the live atmosphere.

The only thing that is missing is the screaming and cheering fans. I felt a little sorry for the boys that they cannot hear us laughing, screaming, and cheering them in real time, in the same space.


Nevertheless, I’m sending a lot of love and hugs (not that they need?!) for the amazing concert shows. It’s kind of nostalgic seeing many Johnny’s juniors backdancing for King & Prince too since I’m more tuned to KinKi Kids concerts where you get a live band + external dancers now.

I can’t wait for the next time we can be in the same time and space again!

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